A Years Worth Of Illustration Spread Out - Part 4

Robert Peston writes about writing in his diary and his love for Prog Rock and Loon pants (short for balloon pants, basically bell bottoms) back in the day.  For the Radio Times UK

for LA Weekly thru wednesday about the Backbone Trail of Santa Monica in southern California.

Chris Rose didn’t make it as a baseball player and ended up a writer.  For New Orleans Magazine

Professor Bhagirath Majmudar reflects on his 44 years teaching at The Emory School of Medicine.  Here is the excerpt from the story that grabbed my visual bone, “How vacant the night will look, if only moon was allowed to shine, and not the million stars,” said the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore. I am happy to have seen innumerable such stars at Emory, and they have guided me like stars always do. As men and women, they were mortals in themselves but secured the immortality of our institution. Dislodged stars do not leave an empty sky behind.”

Joe Deters is the controversial prosecuting attorney for Hamilton county, Ohio. Full page for Cincinnati magazine.

Writer Chris Rose speculates that Hip Hop’s origins are in Congo Square in New Orleans where slaves would rhyme and boast to a syncopated beat.  For New Orleans Magazine. 

Scholastic contacted me to do an additional illustration for this story about a prank gone wrong.  This scene happens earlier in the story with the bully squishing the kid that would later be pressured into pulling the prank that gets another kid a trip to the nurse.

Can everyone be a public speaker?  BBC lectures series advice from celebs including Sylvester McCoy who is best known for playing the 7th incarnation of Doctor Who.  For the Radio Times (London)

Monthly Golf Magazine rules column, this time it’s about a guy who uses spare clubs as guides to help guide him to the hole

Female leaders get penalized for being too assertive according to study. Nonverbal dominance is a way to combat this in the short term.  Examples are maintained eye contact, standing tall, speaking loudly, leaning in, draping an arm over a chair.  For Emory Alumni Magazine

2017 Begins - Part 2

Steven amazingly brought all this back from Britain for us.  What a guy.  A bunch of British craft beers in "sensible American sized 12 ounce cans" and 2 kinds of LindisFarne mead. 

Folkbier Brewery has been around for a year or more on the map and we've been waiting for them to open up a tasting room or something because their facility's back wall is literally our backyard.  They finally opened a tasting room the other week and we were there for the soft opening.

its all German style beers and no IPAs which is refreshing because IPA is taking over the craft beer world.  Cool place and great beer

snow storm caught everyone by surprise

The Brooklyn Flea in the skylight one hanson building in downtown brooklyn.  We came for the record fair they were putting on.

the basement is a giant old bank vault.  Now it's filled with hipsters furiously flipping through boxes of records

what a toy, from Hitchcock's Psycho I presume.

soup dumplings and shen jian bao at Yasao Tangbao.  It's not that great, it's fast chinese food.

window display at this florist Jen always goes to on court street for photoshoot stuff.

the haul from the record fair, 4 for $20.  

Jen got a groupon for the 212 steakhouse which they say is the only restaurant on the east coast to have approval to use real Kobe beef.  That little medallion on the back right is the Kobe beef.  It sounded like everyone in there had a groupon. We got the 212 PREMIUM SELECTION FOR TWO

another surprise snow storm whilst Yoon and Celine were visiting.  We gathered up Steven and Foo and we amazingly hit all 4 breweries in our hood (The Other Half, Strong Rope, Threes Brewing, Folksbier) and had dinner and frankies.  So much beer.

A Years Worth Of Illustration Spread Out - Part 3

How Women Are Smashing Misogyny in the Music Business. The Cover for this week’s LA Weekly.

Olympics time is upon us once again. I did 8 portraits of Olympic athletes that are known for more than their athleticism. It’s for Wings inflight magazine for Eurowings, a Lufthansa company. Dorando Pietri - Italian marathon runner in 1908 London games who took a wrong turn in the last 350 meters and was even 10 min ahead of 2nd place runner. He collapsed under the grief and was disqualified. Nishida Shuhei and Oe Sueo in the Berlin 1936 games declined to compete for 2nd and 3rd place and were awarded silver and bronze on a technicality. They had their medals cut and spliced together. John Stephen Akhwari in the Mexico City 1968 games finished the marathon more than an hour after the winner. His determination inspired the ‘Finisher’ medals marathon runners get today. Lawrence Lemieux in the Seoul 1988 games saved two Singaporeans from drowning in the Finn class dinghy race and finished 22nd. Eric Moussambani a 100 meter freestyle swimmer from Equatorial Guinea had a hard time finishing in the Sydney 2000 games because recently learned how to swim in a small pool back home. Dara Torres asked officials to delay the race so her rival could fix her ripped swimsuit in the Beijing 2008 games, she ultimately didn’t win gold. Ricardo Blas from Guam is the heaviest Olympian in history. At the London 2012 games he weighed 218 kilos.

There aren't many 10 out of 10 star records but N.W.A.'s 1988 album Straight Outta Compton is one of them. For a group show in Singapore at Kult Gallery. MC Ren, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Easy-E, DJ Yella

Health clubs are adding spaces for people to work after working out. For The Wall Street Journal.

Golf Magazine Rules Guy column, this one is about a tumbleweed that gets in the way of a putt.

The print industry is dying and writer Chris Rose talks about hustling to make ends meet because of it. I’m sure this one has been done before but it seemed like what I should do. For New Orleans magazine.

The Great American Road Trip for the Wall Street Journal. Walt Whitman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and other’s mantras about the open road.

Taking relief from a puddle on the cart path.

Chianti and Misconceptions. People have the wrong idea about mental health patients, thinking they’re all Chianti drinking Hannibal Lecters. For Reader's Digest UK

2017 Begins - Part 1

The last few days of 2016 and the first of 2017

The Columbus Circle Morgenthal Frederics store front with my illustrations

Leonard Opticians on the east side.

December 30th, 2016.  There's a shortcut to get to The Jalopy Tavern from our house and it involves running past the entrance to the BQE

Jalopy Tavern had some cool free music goin' on
The girl playing bass was on every team lineup and played everything.

Yiddish band

No it's different, bob's hair flops down and mine flips up, I'm not shaping him like he's my little doll....
at the 59th Annual Society of Illustrators Advertising, Institutional, and Unpublished show.  This one is gouache by ?

There's my series on the wall, thanks to whoever gave me such a good placement in the gallery.

Ivan Ramen's triple pork triple garlic mazemen 

vegetarian ramen

tan tan men

jen got a big assortment cactus thing from a client and this bit of succulent broke off and I said maybe we can save it by doing this and Jen said you are dumb and 3 weeks later look at it now.  I put it in soil and we'll see if I'm dumb or if he lives a long healthy life.