Christmas Half Cheer - Part 2

the dark side of dogs, dog poo

the height of our christmas cheer came actually a month before when bob happened upon these holiday suits on for $50 each.  For that brief 5 minutes when we were ordering you could hear santa's sleigh bells and smell the cookies.


after like 10 jumps we were getting tired and barely getting off the ground.  Props to Jen for taking all these photos and making us look super ultra cool and handsome and dashing.  Bob is straight up going for it in this one and i'm being a sneaky little stiff backed weasel sneaking around in the air.

got 4 sets of 3 matching petanque balls so 4 people can play!

my xmas haul.  socks, pajama pants, shirt, lotto tix, Tadahiro Uesugi art book, al parker art book, Yoshida Toshi ukiyo-e art book, petanque sets, puppy plush, an expensive and awesome Shun chopping knife, and a Six Point home brewing kit that makes Resin IPA that's over 9% alchohol.

after presents it was time to get back to the Star Wars marathon that I campaigned for so we could see the 7th film in the theatre that had just come out.  Including the bill murray christmas special and Inside Out we saw 9 movies in 4 days
gingerbread house decorating, people were just less into and we never got around to destroying them.  Next year we really have to bring it in that catergory.

Jen and I

parents, my dad had hand surgery so was down a hand.


wind up penguins from our british christmas crackers.
i told bob i did not want to sit next to him when we watched star wars the force awakens because i didnt want to hear any of his chuckling or see any of his reactions and be cued into when I was supposed to laugh or find something brilliant.  he sat two rows back and i still heard him chuckle once, therefore i hated that scene instantly.  Bob says he's the biggest star wars nerd that he knows directly around his circle.  Look at him, he can barely contain his joy waiting for the movie to start.

gettin' our baked camembert on
cheese souffle action

tried to start a new tradition and start down the long road of perfecting our own meatball recipe.  the meatballs were mediocre and we have a lot of years of meddlin' to do.

dropped bob off in syracuse to see his friends that live next to Onondaga territory so some places have crazy names like Tsha'hoñ'noñyeñ'dakhwa'
parents gave us their old walk from the early 90s.  If there is anyone I trust with my super authentic chinese wok it is this guy.

Ok so christmas will be better next year.  We are gonna try our hardest to blow something up and make the food better.  I know 4 of my readers are saying right now that this christmas was fine but the holiday cheer miester's job is to bring the cheer even if they didn't know they wanted it.

Christmas Half Cheer - Part 1

This Christmas had at best half the cheer of last christmas.  Too be fair, last Christmas reached peak cheer with guests being there and all.  This year people said they enjoyed the relaxation and no eventfulness of the holiday but I'm just not gonna believe them.  Next year the holiday cheer miesters have to turn it up past half cheer at least.  You could also argue that star wars robbed us of our holiday cheer.

crazy dog lady mom went and got a third Newfoundland.  Harper is a rare brown and white Landseer Newf and is 3 yrs old.
these dogs look like christmas.
decking the halls not going so well.

gettin' everyone in there
get me outta here

you could argue that Settlers of Catan ruined Chrismas too.  The parents weren't so into a cut-throat game with many new rules dished out by their pretentious little sh!t of a son (Bob).

this illo of mine was in the times the day before christmas.  It's about how a lot of people wear headphone with no music playing to carve out space for them in the world without being bothered.

cute city

a run at the track at our old elementary school.  Gettin' awesome/gnarly/rad strictly prohibited.

Bob cuttin' it really close here by getting awesome/gnarly/rad at the boundry of the athletic field.  If you don't believe me watch the animated gif below.  Juvenile delinquent or hero?

this post was basically all dogs.  but cute city.  so what can you do.