Between Three Weeks

A week in Paris between Yoon's 3 week visit and Bob's 3 week visit.

my favorite house on the corner

It seems like spring has sprung in the back yard but it still only gets up to 50 degrees F.  Where is my spring!!!!

Penny, the neighbors dog

that corner on Ile St. Louis with the seine coming up the banks

Took a break from work and rode my bike out to the corner of Ile de la Cite next to Pont Neuf.  Its a pretty sweet corner.  It was the one day when it was warmer and people were out.

water over flowing

I see people playing this game a lot. what is it?

Back on that point the next day for a bottle of wine because my friend was going back to Korea.  This photo looks like I am stealing somone's memory in a movie.

dudes playing Django-esque music at some cafe

I popped not one but two tubes this day.  the first time I just thought that it was old so i walked it to my bike shop and changed it and rode on (it took a while because I had to learn how to change a tube first, some dude helped me).  Then the tube popped again.  I instantly knew that I would find a piece of glass still in the tire and I did.  I wasn't very happy this day.  I went back to the shop and took out the glass and put in a new tube.

Van Der House - Part 2

Van Der Dad took us to a bunch of beautiful towns in the area

If there is a place in the world that has more mobility scooters than rural and suburban America it is rural and suburban Holland.  I saw sooooo many

tons of houses still use thatched roofs.  pretty cool looking.  looks like they also do the whole having the roof be 90% of the house thing.

La Chouffe beer.  i was going to kick this adorable magical gnome off my blog because he's from Belgium and not Dutch but dutch people drink a lot of this guys magical brew so he can stay.

a beat up Citroen DS something in Zutphen

the europeans and they're symbols.  I wish america had some of this going on, it looks pretty cool.

that's it for Zutphen. 

a 2 minute car ferry ride over the river to Bronckhorst

We were riding along and all of the sudden Van Der Dad was like look at that cock!!! and pulled the car over.  He didn't mean Kock he meant cock as in the black rooster, because he wanted some eggs to shove under their hen at home that was sitting on a nest with no eggs in it.  he went and asked the lady for some eggs and she just gave him some.  so now i guess they will have some Portuguese black roosters if they're lucky.  Feel free to elaborate on the play on words joke here on your own.

Van Der Kock said there are no windmills in Holland but look there is one.  I was disappointment that i didn't see anyone clomping around in clogs (or klompen as Van Der Kock likes to correctly say).

Here we are in Doesburg eating Haring (Herring).  its raw fish and served with raw onions

Van Der Dad displaying the proper Dutch way to eat it.  Hahahaha i can't stop laughing every time i look at this photo.  It was quite a bit of fish but tasty.   

Kibbeling is fried cod fish.  good stuff.

liking the way lots of peeps have these painted window shutters

Venema Antiques and Classic Cars

there was also an antique store next door, and Van Der Kock and Van Der Dad knew they guy.  there was this awesome KLM airlines DC-10 poster that had an all blue line illustration cutaway of the plane.

some nice arse places out here.

some dutch beers

the men's bathroom at De Brugwachter.  Is it really that funny ladies?

taking the bandage off after a day.  painful stuff that caused more bleeding for hours.

Van Der Kock is a machine.  he has to ride his bike for 150 km to Hoek to get the Ferry to somewhere in England and then ride another 150 km from there to London.  He did this to get to Amsterdam too. 

this is a few days later at home actually and its still bleeding every day i have to tear the gauze off to put on a fresh one.  its finally on its way. 

Netherlands conclusion:  The dutch are friendly and laid back.  Dutch food is actually good and was a welcome change from Hungarian and German food.  A lot of people have landscaping that rivals what the Japanese have.  Also Van Der Kock's Van Der Parent's bathroom rivaled Japanese bathrooms, they even had a Toto like electronic toilet but it wasn't Japanese.  Everyone seems pretty happy and people have their thing going on.  I have to come back to amsterdam again sometime when its not Queen's day and see what it's like normally.  It was awesome having my good pal Van Der Kock there to be our Dutch guide.  I can't eat anymore fries for a while, fries seem to be the common denominator throughout europe.  I love bike so i love the dutch bike culture.  Dutch sounds like French and German smashed together.  But at the end of the day, Stroop Waffles.  Boom.