Down DC Way

A trip down to the DC area
right before we left we planted various lettuce seeds for our fall planting.

I saw a White Castle ad on the side of a bus stop one day that stopped me in my tracks.  It was an add for their new Belgian waffle breakfast sandwiches.  I knew very well that a sausage egg and jalepeno cheese belgian waffle slider and fried chicken and bacon gravy belgian waffle slider would be gross but you can't teach my caveman brain impulses that.  So we went out of our way to get these and they were gross.  The worst part is lesson not learned.

somewhere in Arlington, VA

Ethiopian food somewhere near Arlington

Eric and Eleanor and Zachary moved to a new house close to where they were before in Arlington.

it was Yoo girls night out or something so I was released to go crash Yoon's family thing at a house they rented in Annapolis.

at a 90's throwback concert at Wolftrap featuring the likes of TLC, Rob Base, and Montel Jordan.  It was weird and as you can see drew a large swath of the population, many of whom are are old.  Are we old yet?

old people trying to remember the nostalgic 90s

the remaining 2 members of TLC

Jen's massages kale and mushroom rice bowl

still was warm enough to drink beer at BK bridge park