the bearded lady, crown heights
In the eye of the storm fire department in crown heights

random bag of free knives on the street
saw this before it the show was taken down
Alexander Hamilton's grave is visible from the street down in the financial district at some church.  He's been gettin' a lot of popularity since that hip hop broadway show about him came out.

I went into prospect park into the woods and was rootin' around like a weirdo rapist in the daytime to find the perfect log below for my halloween costume

Halloween day time morning, atlantic ave

by cobble hill park

Log Lady from Twin Peaks

Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks

neighborhood kids while we were passing out candy.  We ran out and had to borrow from the neighbors

Virg and Chris were Warhol and Basquiat

Abilene is a solid neighborhood bar

Kateri's birthday uptown

Fall Illo Sweep 2

A study suggests that slouching may be children's natural thinking position as it frees the brain of one less thing to concentrate on when problem solving.
5 "coaches" for educational software that pop up in the program and guide the student. Unfortunately the project was killed.

sorry Yoon you won't be inspiring any young students
I redid this one cuz I wasn't happy with the original
Client: Kult (Singapore)

I chose Collapse, by Jared Diamond (the author of Guns,Germs, and Steel) as the book I would create art for for Kult's literary collection. Collapse is about the collapse of great civilizations like the Mayans, Easter Islanders, etc… there are something like 7 factors that seem to cause the downfall of societies. One that seemed to be uniform throughout was that societies would cut down their trees, the soil would blow away etc... and then they were f’d. One sentence that really resonated with me was: “What did the Easter Islander who cut down the last palm tree say while he was doing it?”. It’s haunting and sad we are on the same path.

Police raid on the Black Panthers strong hold in the Desire projects in New Orleans in 1970. Amazingly the stand off ended non violently. Pro-Pathers members of the community surrounded the building holding off the police who even brought in a tank called the “War Wagon”. 3/4 spread for New Orleans magazine