Jonathan Bartlett Goes SkyHigh

Jonathan Bartlett goes SkyHigh.  A visit with old Jonny to Colossal Media/SkyHigh Murals to see their prep work for painting his artwork on the exterior of the University Place Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply store.

Baruch projects just over the Williamsburg bridge in Manhattan.

who's the street artist that did this tile snow white?

It was a harsh horrible winter in New York and all of America that has winter, and even in the south where they dont have winter.  The worst in recent memory.  These Chinese bodega owners on the corner of Essex and Canal always make lemonade out of lemons though.

My good pal Jonathan Bartlett in his studio in Greenpoint, Brookylyn.  He is doing the Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Art Wall Project through SVA, his alma mater.  An SVA film maker is doing a documentary on the project and came to film him all day.

Made in India?  The drainage hardware outside his studio on West and Milton st

Inside Colossal Media or SkyHigh Murals, I don't know what name is what or what each means so you're getting it all.  They paint all the murals and billboards you see around NYC.  From their site:  "Colossal Media is the largest hand paint mural and outdoor advertising company in the world. We paint large-scale photorealistic murals, art projects, advertising campaigns and more in New York City and nationwide with a level of efficiency and precision that is unmatched."

old photo reference from jobs

Jonathan talking with Jason, one of the lead guys at SkyHigh.  These guys are hardcore.  They work insane hours in insane weather conditions.  Imagine being on a rig up on a billboard in the dead of winter or the dead of summer for 14 hrs a day.  And on top of that they are all artists in their own right.

paint mixing happens out here.  They don't cover the paint because a protective skin forms over the tops.  It's amazing how little paint it takes for them to do their job.

This girl started within the last 6 months.  She said there is a multi year waiting list to try and work for these guys.

Outside J Bartlett's studio again.

We shot some more photos, he was trying to look cool, and as his friend it's my duty to at least dog him out once in this post.  How cool do you look now JB? Hahahahaha.  Stay tuned to see the mural finished on the Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply building and his limited edition T-shirts and amazing artwork.