Christmastime in America - Part 2

Last post about Christmastime back in America

Meat Bang Meat Gong from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
The Raish Brothers' Meat Bang was born out of boredom during holidays at their parents' home in upstate New York. They thought, "Hey, we can really trick out this Denny's Meat Lover's Skillet that we love so much", and so it came to be. The Meat Bang consists of all the kinds of meats that are in the house (no fish doesn't count) fried up and placed atop a bed of fried potatoes, peppers, and onion, and then on top of corned beef hash, after which cheddar and two eggs over easy and a choice of hot sauce are also placed. Such an epic culinary expedition deserves a commencement ceremony and gong. Perhaps we will have a better opening and closing ceremony and gong next year, we just thought of this on the spot. Bang the Gong! Ring in the Meat Bang!

This year we only had 10 kinds of meat.  From Left to right in a clockwise motion:  Bear meat sausage (yes bear meat!  our dad's friend shot a 400 pound bear in our forest), Coq au Vin (that French chicken that took 13 hrs to make simmered in wine, it's kind of a travesty putting it in the Meat Bang but all meat must report for duty), Beef Bologna, Glazed Christmas Ham, Thick cut bacon, Corned Beef Hash, SPAM, some kind of Salami, Prosciutto, Breakfast sausage.

Fry up all the meats

two over easy eggs

This is a momentous year for the Meat Bang legacy.  Although we decided to downsize the individual serving size we introduced the Meat Gong and gravy, an idea so obvious I can't believe we never thought of it before.

topped with extra sharp cheddar cheese, cracked pepper, obligatory parsley decoration, and your choice of hot sauce.  The smaller size definitely was a good idea because then we didn't want to die afterwards and had energy to go play on the train tracks, fly balsa wood planes, and throw stuff into the river!

our joke the whole time was that we were creating childhood memories that never happened (fyi we never did this as kids)

Bob makes good plane engine noises

I am so cool.  Please hold the emails, I know already, I know.

this one is from Cracker Barrel.  I don't even know what to think about that

The cover for our Rock Band band album.  We're named "The Backups" because we're a band of all backups.  Don't know what the album should be called yet.  TBD.  Maybe "Two weiners on a riverbank"?

wind turbine beyond the hill.

So cold outside time for more hot buttered rum and 1.5 liters of more mulled wine over a game of "The Inventors".  What a pertinent game now that I am an illustrator and have intellectual property that can and has been stolen.  The whole game should be renamed "The Legal Team" because no inventing gets done, just protecting your patents and silent partnering on things.

Driving back to NYC in very bad pouring rain.  It was pretty hairy for most of the 5+ hour drive in serious rain.  Lots of accidents.  Speaking of hairy, I love how bob's pony tail and the extreme angled anti whiplash design of modern car seats forces his head into an awkward position.  You know who loves it even more than me?  Bob probably.  hahahhaha

Jason by Jason Raish

Micaela gave me these boxers she designed for Tommy Hilfiger.  Check out more Micaela Zahner designs here

seriously he gives me nothing to work with.

New Years eve was small and more civilized this year.

Not too civilized though!  MOTHER LOVIN' WOLVERINE WAS AT OUR PARTY!!!!!! THE Wolverine!  From X-Men!!!!  He was ripping sh!t up left and right!!!!!!!!!!!!.....or he might have just been cleanly and efficiently tossing salad all night, can't remember, maybe I had too much champagne.

at some point Jen said you guys look creepy.  Bob said, that's not even creepy, we'll show you creepy.  Then we both instantly took our creepy positions.  Oh there's dancing girls around on new year's eve?  no time for that when it's creepin' time.

Well that is it for the holidays and that's it for 2013.  What a year!  Bring on 2014!!!!

as for 2014, it began with awesome hangovers for some people and having to scratch and claw their ways out of bed to go meet Bob for dimsum.  We sent him back to wherever he came from.  See you when the weather gets warm Bobbles.  This weird structure is on Henry street.


Alpacalypse.  A visit to another Alpaca farm with my crazy Mom.

But first the Corning Glass Museum.  They have a program where they choose some kid's drawing and they make it out of glass.  Some kid drew a plane from Pixar's Planes movie so he's making that. 

Lino Tagliapietra is known as THE man in the glass world.  He's from Venice.

These screens on the side filter out certain light waves so you can see the flame working sculpting thing he is doing instead of seeing white hot flames.

Corning Glass invented and makes Pyrex

There were no good photos from our dumpling making fiesta that everyone amazingly participated in even when we ran out of store bought wrappers and had to make homemade ones, rolling out each little wrapper.

The Heavenly Sunset Alpaca farm.  They have 42 alpacas.

Great Pyrenees dogs are the dog of choice for Alpaca farmers because they instinctively herd things.  These guys were so friendly and nice and loving and big, like 120 pounds.

Susan Sarandon?  This is the last place I would have expected a celebrity siting.  Jeff Goldblum, Guy Pierce, and Keira Knightly were also there.  So many celeb sightings that day, it was insane.

the moral of the story is there is always an alpaca looking at you all dumbfounded.  Sometimes they are way off in the back but they are forever curious and always watching you.