It's Been a While

Sorry life has been crazy and it looks like it's been over 3 months since i've updated my blogs.  Here is the first round of some of the work i've done in the last 3 months.

cover for march 2012 discover magazine.  my first nationally circulated magazine cover.  Albert Einstein's rules of space, time, and gravity my be overturned.

private commission.  Maifun, a Spanish Harlem born Shar Pei.

utne magazine about using old diapers to grow food like mushrooms.  kind of gross right?

Emory alumni magazine about embracing the great unknown.

spot for gold magazine's rules guy column about removing debris from the ball.

motortrend classic magazine about pebble beach judges choosing this one car as the winner.  can't remember what it was but the hood ornament was an art deco eagle.

motortrend classic magazine about the current ferrari head and the old original Ferrari head.  whose name of course is something Ferrari.

full page for westchester magazine about Westchester being diverse.  this was my attempt at a black and white leave it to beaver style multi-ethnic family.  it's supposed to be an african american mom, indian son, asian dad, and hispanic son.  

New York Up and Down

In this case i mean upstate and the city because of the range of photos in this post.

my first new york times illustration

at Karol and Micaela's dodgeball league game.  Here obviously Karol is the last person standing and is about to get knocked out unless she is going to pull off some amazing reverse scissor catch.  yea right.  You're F'ing out!

here micaela is displaying some bad form.

more new new york.  Checkers you say?  I never saw it till i moved to south williamsburg.  So i had to try it.  as you can imagine i immediately felt guilty and immediately shat myself.

cello player on the j,m, or z train over the williamsburg bridge.  nice for a change.

canal street station near the j train part.

canal street station i think.

houston st?  2nd ave?  not sure.

hey illustrator friends, look familiar?  yea because its the Angel Orensanz foundation building that hosts the American Illustration party every november.  This was during fashion week for the Ghengis Khan collection.  it premiered some short film also staring Daphne Guiness who is famous i hear.

and also had a performance by the Viva Girls, a Chinese girl band that plays stringed instruments.

apparently they look like the photo below but instead they looked all freaky like above.  just my luck.

Schiller's down the street.

love the sink in their bathroom.

upstate NY.  this photo shows a little better how massive Brody is.  As big as my mother.  Angus is getting therapy done here because he tore his ACL because Brody was trouncing on him.

my mom has been taking brody to shows and stuff.

had to just set it on manual focus and estimate while the beast was lunging at me.

back in NY, heavenly light on the Marcy Ave platform.

speaking of heavenly light.

Petiole Shoot

these are some photos from a photoshoot for "petitole", my friend melissa's line of "new classics made of 100% washed silk, reminiscent of lingerie from the past".  they're in their second season and have a bunch of orders and things are looking good for them.  it was a day filled with beautiful models and the beautiful girls behind Petitole."

shot somewhere on hudson in their friend's huge studio facility.



the line

model next to normal girl (the photographer)


south williamsurg

williamsburg bridge

Indiescreen, showing indie films.  small theatre so its cool.