Shanghai Debbie Part 2

I forgot to post this before I went to Japan.  This is the Second part of our Shanghai trip

a good example of the arseless pants.  here is a super cellulited up baby arse for you

we and bob didnt go up to the top of the pearl tower and boy did we miss out.

they have this glass floor around the tower and its super scary if you're afraid of heights which i am

look what it is.  its the shanghai expo river barge.  i bet the incheon fair and festival doesn't have a promotional river barge

i had to over come my fear.  I'm trying

If i ever had to campaign for viceroy or something this would be part of my nicest guy in the world campaign.  how could you tell from these photos that having me around children is dangerous?

this guy would also be in the cutest mo fo in the world campaign.

the raj occupied shanghai for a while or something like that.  this is at the museum in the basement of the pearl tower.  its pretty cool actually and i recommend it to anyone who goes to shanghai.  you get to see what old shanghai life was like.

basically everyone was disrespecting the exhibits.  We thought if chinese people are gonna ruin their exhibits then maybe we can have some fun too.

I met this young lady last time i was in shanghai and of course she remembered that I owed her a bit of money.

took a boat cruise down the river

we met up with my buddy Eugene that me and debbie went to school with fall semester 2001 in Yonsei in Korea.  this is from the balcony of his expensive apartment.  he works for ibm via the korean branch and they set him up nice!

the subway in Shanghai was kind of hard to navigate.

A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The "QR" is derived from "Quick Response", as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. QR Codes are common in Japan, where they are currently the most popular type of two dimensional codes. Moreover, most current Japanese mobile phones can read this code with their camera.  you take a pic with yoru camera on your phone and it instantly sends data to the phone.  they are everywhere in Japan and a few in shanghai

this is my semi murder face.  the waiters/service people/ people in general in shanghai were super unhelpful and had super bad attitudes.  trying to get coffee brought out the murderous rage, just like so many other things in shanghai.

yangs fried dumplings.  they are xiao long bao (soup dumplings) but then pan friend so one side is all crispy!  they are delicious and I highly recommend if you go to shanghai.  there is a branch on the old part of this street and a branch on the other side, the new side of the street.

hand painted shanghai expo guy and a guy who im sure is super excited about this expo and cooperation and the opportunities it will create for the participating cities.

a human barbie doll.  she has gross fake curly hair extentions.

the yufo temple, aka jade buddah temple.  it houses 3 precious jade buddah statues.  i thought enough with the temples but this one was pretty awesome.  impressed again by china.

this actually could be the coolest temple i've been to.  this could be the coolest statute display i have ever seen.  look at that fish he is standing on.  it looks awesome!  Later debbie would be locked and a deathly stare down match with a little chinese buddhist woman in front of this statue.  I could only assume that the showdown was because of debbies picture taking.  debbie went on to point at her and then give the i'll slit your throat motion.  the staredown contest continued all while the woman was sputtering out a string of words in extremely calm wrath that were unintelligable to me until i said ok just get out of there now debbie.  good job debbie for descerating this womans religion and then giving her the you're gonna die motion.  we both agree that debbie had lots of curses on her now.

wats going on with this?  its this creature that has its own body and legs but is standing on a second set of almost leg extentions or something.

i like this font

Vigra in all.  vigra will give you instant prostate cancer

i asked the girl at the pharmacy if they really use this and she said no. 

there wasn't anything for me in the robert de niro store

shot of a guy picking nose.  picking your nose seems to be totally ok here and everyone does it on the street even woman. 

when we were walking in the building ot eat dinner they handed me this burgerking ad.  this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen even more beautiful than thousand year old jade and gold buddahs.  this golden and grease breakfast wrap featuring bacon, sausage, egg, cheese, and sauce has become my new obession.  i would later be dissapointed because i would be unable to obtain this anywhere but in shanghai burgerkings.  when you eat chinese food all the time for a year this kind of thing is enough to give you a huge food boner.  i am going to go cry now.  i will never be able to know the sweet embrace of this culinary masterpiece.

this is supposed to be the place with the best soupl dumplings and i'll say they are the best i've ever had.  although i have to admit that joes shanghai in NY might be tied.  kind of sad right?  its just that at joes they put so much juicy soup in there, and all the ones in china have almost no soup.  but i guess the ones in china are the real representation of soup dumps and joes are the americanized which means make them bigger more overboard.

i wanted to just by the little sheep guy but its a set so i couldnt just buy him.

after dinner i was still starving which often happens when i eat at expensive places.  i proceeded to eat a whopper jr and a whopper which is about 1.65 whoppers which i then regretted a lot.

the maglev train to the pudong airport.  the book says this is a must because you may never travel this fast on land again.  crazy to think that you are riding on a giant magnet! its max normal operational speed is 431 km/h or 268/mph.  but since the distance to the airport is so short they say that once the top speed is reached they immediately have to start slowing down for the last 3 min and 20 seconds and going to top speed only saves 50 seconds and probably uses a lot more energy sooooooo it only goes to 300/km/hr just like the japanese bullet train so not that impressive guys.

oh come on!  301 km/h!  (187 mph)

drawing at the airport.  working on a little project featuring bob.

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