Ciudad de Mexico - Part Four

we went to what was touted as the best Chilaquiles in the city on yelp and it was one lady with a few buckets and a line of peeps and it turned out to be a chilaquiles sandwich.  La Esquina del Chilaquil.  I got the chicken schnitzel like one (milanesa).  She had a bucket of tortilla chips paste that she spread on the bread.  Good stuff.

some peeps went to the airport and some of us went to second breakfast.  Huevos Divorciados, one side in green salsa, one in red.  

Mercado Artesanal de Mexico, full of cheap stuff that we didn't really have the energy to go through.

fuente de los coyotes in the central park.  A peaceful place except for the incessant howl of those pipe organ guys that you want to murder.  Not pictured is the $18 hotel I stayed in that night which was 50% nicer

The Fonda Margarita that you want to go to.  Communal tables, everyone is friendly, the real deal.

I just got what everyone else got.  Best food I had on the trip.  Also the cafe de olla at this place was good so good cafe de olla does exist (sweet coffee is not my thing).

They even had live music.  It was tuesday at 9:30am

Here is a favor for you, This is where the good fonda margarita is, not the fancy one of the same name in the north.

directly from here I got an uber to the airport.  The driver was super friendly, we talked, he blasted Mariachi (Alejandro Fernandes) and sealed a place in my heart for Mexico City.

On the flight, edited for content?!!!! as a film fan there were so many I couldn't watch on the flight because I want the complete unedited experience

El Fuego!!!!

look at these Uber ride fees!  it was less than $4 from the airport and when I left it was $6!  In contrast it was $16 to ride the Newark air train to the NJ Transit to the NYC metro and walking to my apartment all totalling like 1hr 45min

Ciudad de Mexico - Part Three

went to the corner to get cafe de olla (sweet cinnamon coffee steeped in a clay pot) and saw everywhere had this yakult drinks that are Japanese yogurt drinks.

after being too caffeinated and confident despite being super hungover I said sure Kyle, lets go for a 6 mile run at a 7,300 foot elevation.  We ran down Paseo de la Reforma which the close off on Sundays I guess.  It was rough.
that famous Mexican coke, famous because its made with cane sugar and not high fructose syrup like in American Coke.
juice is a huge thing, it's available everywhere.
another similarity btwn Mexico and China, the parks are filled with peeps relaxing, dancing, etc.  A very familial society

the beautiful library

Not everyone went to Lucha Libre, mexican wrestling, and they really missed out.

like American wrestling there's a ridiculous backstory for every wrestler but in Mexico it's even crazier.  They wear masks and being unmasked is the worst and you have to do the rest of your career like that.  There are unmasked guys that are still popular.  So much crowd participation and yelling cheers and taunts and the wrestlers coming into the stands.  We were the second row back.  They take acrobatic wrestling to the next level.
even this grandma was getting super into it and dissing wrestlers.

Metallico putting his hat on her

El Fuego had sweet entrance dance moves, I ended up buying his mask.
after first round madness they carted one of the guys off  on a stretcher, the "doctor" was sitting in the front row.  Was it real? Was it fake?  We'll never know.
stacked ring girls.
Metallico talkin' shop with the "doctor"

Mysterio jumping from the top of the stage onto caveman dude.

Maximo Sexy was much beloved.  He's supposed to be the "gay" wrestler.  He would spin around like a ballerina and his thing is he tried to kiss the other wrestlers.  When they hit him he dramatically says por que?  The crowd would chant, Beso beso beso! (kiss kiss kiss).  Little kids were chanting this too.

more kinds of Mexican beer.  We ate a lot then ended up at an Irish pub in Roma.  We went home at just 1:30am this night.

Ciudad de Mexico - Part Two

Everyone had hangovers.  The view of La Condesa from the balcony, an upper scale hood

after nursing hangovers for a long while we went to the corner for a whole lotta tacos and more.  And so cheap

some of the dudes went to Plaza Garibaldi, a plaza filled with mariachi bands who will play songs for you.
later I went down to another corner to get these tacos al pastor which was invented in Mexico city.  I forgot the pineapple.
In January there were riots because the gov't ended gas subsidies and the prices jumped 20 percent.
the streets of La Condesa

back to Garibaldi Plaza at night, many Mexican peeps told us be careful.  Mexicans are friendly and just trying to live man.  No one shouted Chino at me once on the whole trip throughout all the neighborhoods I walked through!  I wasn't expecting it to be as bad as Cuba but I was expecting some. 

Alambre, this was dissapointing, basically peppers, ham, onions, chicken.  I imagine they do this dish awesomely elsewhere because everything else I ate in Mexico City was awesome.

not everything I drank was awesome though, Pulque is made from the maguey plant, kind of like yucca and was slimy and not my fav thing to drink.  It's seeing a revitalized popularity and there are pulquerias all over the city now.

Guadalajara De Noche, a Mariachi spot, pretty cool.

they didn't actually fight.

Columbian tourist family dancing salsa

San Luis Club with a hot salsa dancing dance floor

dude photo-bombing in the back was an amazing salsa dancer.  Went home at 6:30am