Ciudad de Mexico - Part One

Yoon and his brothers planned a trip to Mexico City and then he invited his best dude buddies as a quasi-bachelors party weekend.  His brother Yoon Woo studied here for a year and did a homestay at Paco's house so his Mexican spanish is really good and he knows all the slang and what the deal is.
In an effort to save $200 I booked a flight that had 3 legs, I flew from Newark to Cincinnati to Atlanta to Mexico City.  Wasn't so bad but was it worth $200?  I even worked in the Atlanta airport for a while.  In Cincinnati I looked up what Cincinnati food is and the intertubes said Coney Dogs, Gold Star Chili's motto is "The Flavor of Cincinnati" so I gave it a go and the dog was as disappointing as it was short.  What did I expect, it's the airport.  On the other hand Chick-fil-A is delicious despite how I shouldn't eat there cuz they're anti-gay.
does this photo look sad?  good.  Now imagine zooming out and standing about 10 feet back and seeing me sitting there, tired, fat backpack, with my pathetic airport food, a sad sh!tty hotdog in a sad terminal in Atlanta.  Go ahead and laugh, the humor wasn't lost on me

I stayed at a $9 USD hotel in the north of the city on the first night because I got in at like 11pm and none of the dudes were in Mexico yet.  I was so excited to see a food stall open on the corner when I drove by in the taxi on the way there but upon walking over there after checking in it turned out to be....F'ing hot dogs and hamburgers!  Basically Mexico City felt like Beijing.  I love Beijing so this isn't an insult but in the north part of Mexico city theres tons of garbage in the street, food stalls, and working class people just trying to live.  It even looked similar.  The shower right next to the toilet, it was like that even in my apartment in Beijing.

anyway it was fine, especially for $9

doesn't show how fat my pack is plus my running stuff tied onto a the back in a plastic bag, like a real chino

tamales with mole break

Plaza de las tres culturas.  pre-columbian (Aztec), Spanish colonial, Independent "Mestizo" nation are all represented in this plaza 

Mexican folk art is so cool.

Jose Marti, the Cuban national hero.  He lived in Mexico City for a while

Fonda Margarita has two entries on google maps, the one in the north of mexico city is not the place that's super local and down and dirty, it looked like a fancy place and i cursed myself and went in anyway cuz I had walked all this way.  Still delicious though, this is Chilaquiles (tortilla chips drenched in a salsa with what looks like cotija cheese) and Maciza (pork shoulder?)

Paco and Yoon Woo picked me up around noon and we just got into it.  
then it was checking into the airbnb, drinking more and more.  It was a huge 4 bedroom place in La Condesa owned by 2 American dudes.  It was cheap like most things in Mexico

Paco's cousin Ari teaches dance

a michelada served in one of those candle holders with pozole

we ate dinner here at Chuchito Perez cuz yoon's other brother peter was meeting someone.  We saw a thrilling video of xxxxtreeeme French stool sitting, like spinning a stool around and sitting on it mixed with parkour.
then it was on to drinking at a tequila bar, meeting Paco's cousins and buddies and then a lounge with dancing and more bottles of tequila and going home at 4:30am