Fall Illo Sweep 1

reworked this A Moveable feast art because I wasn't happy with the original

golf magazine rules guy column, this one is about a ball stuck on a rake in a bunker

Professor Bhagirath Majmudar reflects on his 44 years teaching at The Emory School of Medicine.  Here is the excerpt from the story that grabbed my visual bone, “How vacant the night will look, if only moon was allowed to shine, and not the million stars,” said the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore. I am happy to have seen innumerable such stars at Emory, and they have guided me like stars always do. As men and women, they were mortals in themselves but secured the immortality of our institution. Dislodged stars do not leave an empty sky behind.”
for Emory Alumni magazine.

Writer Chris Rose’s son found a gun at Armstrong park in New Orleans when they were playing bocce ball.  He worries about the effects this has had on his kids.


his and hers online clothes shopping arriving at the door

made a pretty good acorn squash soup with bacon and roasted garlic and olive oil toasted bread.  chuffed

Jen got invited to Tidal and HTC's mega hip hop concert at the barclays center.  Tidal is Jay-Z's music streaming service to rival spotify, etc... It's supposed to be artist owned so the artists get more of a cut $  the Flatbush Zombies brought the energy

looks like A$AP Rocky

Damian Marley, crowd went crazy


DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, French Montana, Meek Mill

Jay-Z did his thing on stage like a veteran

Lil' Wayne

Nicki Minaj

one stage. the 2 most famous bubbles in the world.  This photo was my most popular photo on instagram ever.  Now you know what people want.

samsung vs HTC

Beyoncé being fab

outside the Barclay's center

really love this case at the lazy ibis in crown heights.

Fred Thomas was Jame's Brown's Bassist for 30 years.  The saxaphonist Kiki is from Japan, it's not everyday you see a little Japanese girl funkin' on stage like this.  They took out all the seating because they know when this guy plays the 50 yr old crowd comes and moves their body in ways that freak me out like how the muppets unnatural movements freak me out.

a week with live music from the new and old schools.

Long Sleeve Shirt Weather

really goin to town on that tree etc back there, even have a guy in the tree cuttin'

Tag Heuer event

the DJ

G-Shock and Maxim event in Redhook

un chapeau rouge.

took a trip upstate to get some pumpkins.  Stopped by Sleepy Hollow, the town made famous by the short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.  It was first published in 1820.  Looks like the whole Irving fam is buried here along with a bunch of other famous peeps like Andrew Carnegie, William Rockerfeller, 

oh just drinkin' beer in a graveyard in the daytime as adults and not at night time as teenage kids.  we learned later that they had a tent set up and were selling beer and food so i guess it's cool to drink beer and wander around on top of graves and let your dog poo on them.

haven't read the story but there is the headless horseman and i'm guessing a less than enthused Ichabod Crane who was the guy dogged by the headless horseman.  This is the Dutch burial ground and I guess inside that church is where Ichabod took refuge from the horseman every night.

why is Andrew Carnegie buried here?  and Elizabeth Arden, and William Rockefeller?

oh just drinkin' beers and hanging out on this here mausoleum.  Opposite this was William Rockefeller's burial building thing which is probably the biggest in the whole joint.

we went to Harvest Moon Farms further upstate and came back with no pumpkins because they were so @$#@#$ expensive! $18 for medium and $25 for large.  We decided to get some from the hardware store on our corner where they are $7

Captain Lawrence Brewery tasting room and then back to NYC for netflix.  They kicked us out promptly at closing time and we had to sit in the car and drink beer (but not me i had to drive) and laugh at videos of gachapin

pork belly simmering in the sunday sunlight in leeks and ginger and garlic and sake and other stuff for hours oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

inspiration for a non work related project

looking for a studio in Gowanus with Jonathan Bartlett during the Gowanus open studios weekend.  Not very fruitful

after some braising and what not the Japanese pork belly (buta no kakuni) is ready.  green beens and simmered kabocha squash and makkoli rice wine

pretty chuffed with myself