The Pandemic Did In Fact Not End

Dunno how these pansies were still flowering in December. So the pandemic did not end by xmas because of vaccines because of the assault on science and the politicization of everything. So not enough of the world got vaccinated, new mutations happened and keep happening and the world will never eradicate Covid 19 because of all the vaccine deniers, vaccine hesitancy, misinformation/conspiracies, and just in general don't tread on me thinking.

the crazy on purpose interior design of Liz and Terry's building in Williamsburg

Terry gave us a weed seed

can't remember but xmas trees were very expensive this yr and probably for a few more years cuz of a few reasons. I think our usual 7-8ft tree was $100

Jen got this in the mail and she doesn't read or write Korean

of course he has to lay on these cut off boughs i was weaving into a wreath

my annual tradition, i use twisty ties and a coat hanger

harvest fest cider alcohol reading. it was like 7.5% alcohol and after it aged a little it was great stuff.

Jen and I working on our downstair neighbors book cover

inside the sad adjunct professor's office that's shared by like 30 of us

the Knife sharpening man! i've never seen him in our neighborhood and i don't know how we'd even catch him in time

trying various solutions to keep the bag from making too much noise/vibration on the roof. when the base is full of water its like 250 lbs but when you're wailing on it or even going easy on it the rocking amplifies through the roof.

xmas time whiskey tasting in Brambleton

he doesn't even know how dope his dad is

great just wat bob needs is a weighted blanket so he can become an even bigger weirdo

we went to Canisteo after Virginia xmas for a post xmas xmas

now he gets to go off leash in Canisteo too and of course he loves it. 

new years eve dinner pork chop at Side Car which was closing a few days later which was sad cuz it was the best burger and fried chicken in the hood. It would reopen later as Rullos as just a bar by the same owner Bart

might have been just me Jen and Matt for new yrs

goodnight 2021. You think i'd say it was horrible cuz, pandemic but no. I actually have liked a lot of how the pandemic has changed my life. Having the "excuse" to stay home with my wife and dog and drink cocktails and eat dinners and focus on my art and being 40 and not needing to go to parties and watch movies and play video games and not have to go to birthday parties all the time or have endless obligations is awesome to me, getting to spend time with my loved ones. Yes all of these things i've said could have been this way before the pandemic but honestly reader you know how hard it is to change things until a global catastrophic pandemic disaster happens. (caveat, there were many bad things about the pandemic and we were lucky we have remote jobs that didn't disappear cuz of the pandemic and all our other privileges in life and our financial situation and i know MANY people had a horrible life changing time and that i'm so lucky to be able to say everything i've said here)


Delta Variant Enters the Chat

The Delta variant is quickly becoming the dominant strain of the virus and it's way more transmissible and is threatening thanksgiving and christmas. Pandemic fears rise again, we definitely didnt get enough people vaccinated for many previously talked about reasons. 
Halloween party at Eef and Ramon's (who's Spanish). I went as a running of the bulls reveler.
Why does Marvel have to seep into everything

Callicoon Hills in the Catskills is where we went for Melissa's bday

Avan through a telescope

Jen's bday dinner at Claro a Michelin starred Oaxacan Mexican restaurant in Gowanus. It was great and I was blown away by the chocolate mole cake

some great cocktail i don't remember

made kal gook su knife cut noodles with turkey stock

Cormac at the xmas tree pull

some small brewery

Steven's toad in the hole

Teaching means after class bringing home Korean groceries and lunch like jja jang myeon and jjampong 

my finger nail cut his eye when we were wrasslin' it healed fine.

box of the Queen's Hat's book arrived from France

stuffing flavored kettle cooked chips from Trader Joes are great

all is not well in our new techno screen world

this puzzle i illustrated actually took a long time to finish

finally got outdoor furniture covers which seems like such a lame and boring adult thing (and it is)

after a series of data points over 2 yrs I finally decided to take a chance with high value treats at taking Dubu to off leash hours in prospect park. After a few nervous mornings I started getting more comfortable with it and now a year later for the most part these mornings go great and I can recall him and raise my voice a little to make him stop going towards something to investigate it. Now he gets off leash time almost every morning either by walking there or doing our running routine and then he get a little off leash time after that. He get stimulated, plays with dogs, runs and explores, and is tired out enough that I dont' have to take him out until quittin' time now.
he loves jumping in the dog pond at the dog beach too.

Thanks Skylark for being cool with dogs on cold days

those stick shaped dumplings are new but i don't think i can recommend

teachers union. Teacher's unions have been around forever but Unions are becoming a thing again in America thanks to all the things the pandemic revealed/accelerated

Like i've been saying tons more people now need to "fly their flag" which comes in the form of stickers on cars also. There's a police lives matter flag and a lot of other problematic ones but I really hate the Just say no to vaccines sticker which is an example what what we're working with in american and why Covid19 will never go away. This brave person is letting us all know that their freedoms will not be trampled on