The First Pandemic Holiday


guess someone wasn't feeling like such a boss

wow sounds like a blast

Anya frozen in time

asking for adult xmas gifts like an emergency flashlight, check it out bob

a new year's party with only a few people. All dressed up and nowhere to go

Pandemic Travels


Morman temple on the way to Arlington
making xmas ornaments after thanksgiving
I made "Black Friday"

favorite view of the dog

more home repairs needed

outside Ikea brooklyn

new roommates, touchin weiners like usual

big problems with mail in voting in NYC 2020 pres election but finally worked out


got everyone onboard and ready to go to Canisteo for another harvest fest and then had to cancel because at this point the pandemic was still an unknown danger and I didnt want to expose my parents possibly even though they, like many older people, didn't care. So it was just me and Jen

I helped bob move so many times and so many times in the pandemic too. Here's a connecticut to nyc move

black student illustrators award fundraising prints are in. Raised over $4,000 with Dandy Wellington's help so that means 4 graduating black students got $1000 each

it was SO much work from researching how to set up this 501(c)(3) charitable fund through the FIT Foundation's umbrella. to the 50+ hrs on each artwork to coordinating on marketing strategies with Dandy Wellington, to getting it printed and working out deals with PrintFX and Framebridge, to learning how to customize shopify ecommerce to researching packing materials to finding quality cardboard to cut into inserts and of course taking them all to the post office. But hopefully this makes some difference to our 4 winners