Hudson NY Again

rented an airbnb in Hudson NY, walkable to everything. We also had the car so were able to journey around.

creepy airbnb basement

what is this machine on the main drag of Hudson?

Yumi at Backbar

Kim K and Steve rode horses at this place whilst everyone else chilled out enjoying the morning.

Tivoli Bays wildlife management area

Foo fell in the water and his shoe was went and it was really bothering him the rest of the night.

Brunch at Le Perche was fantastic

we went to a few breweries including Suarez Family brewery,  Hudson Brewing Co, and Sloop Brewing.

Black Beauty on the left, performance vehicle on the right

British MG

Plan Bee farm brewery, they've built a stage and owner and brewer guy was doing a full set of The Band covers and has got skillz