Protecting my precious, my baby --- and my ideal woman

Another side by side comparison of the gear I am taking with me overseas, and the gear i took with me to Korea 7 years ago. On the left is my new DC/Incase collaboration designer backpack. It is pretty F'ing cool. This thing is loaded with features and is a little too cool for me. It has a well padded compartment for my new baby, a macbook pro aaaaaaaand a skateboard carrying attatchment as well. it also looks cooler. on the left is the backpack I have been using for the last 7 years. A good ol' Northface backpack. I've gotta say this thing has gone the down and dirty distance. only This year the zippers started crapping out. My macbook baby would definitely die if it were in the Northface bag getting tossed around in China. Once again such a huge product improvement for me from 7 yrs ago to now. It still sucks big time when you have a macbook pro on your back all day. Also i found this image randomly when i was looking for this bag. Now that's the kind of woman I like, one that isn't afraid flaunt what her mamma gave her.

Hooray! We are deemed not too Ugly for China!!!

Imagine how many uglies there are in a country with 1.? billion people. A whole f'ing lot! Luckily me and bob were deemed not too ugly (.....yet!) for entry into China and got our visas the other day. It's not like we were'nt trying though. on our passport photos Bob looks like a psycho angst ridden teenage Korean movie actor and I just look stupid. Bob did forget something in his last post. There is another way for us to F up going to China. We could be denied at one of the many security checkpoints for being tooooo unsightly and sent back to our own country to be gross.

My fears have been realized and I got a 3 month visa instead of a 12 month visa. this means i will have to leave China and come back 4 times over the year. I have buddies to visit in a bunch of countries so this is ok with me and doesn't make me want to makes a face like the one on bob's passport foto.

I ate meat - POSTED BY BOB

So last Saturday I had my first taste of a meat in I don't know how long to prep my stomach for China. I had a tuna fish sandwich and it was not anything spectacular, but it did not make me sick which was a plus. I think it will not be too bad on my digestive system, which is good for my roommate. It was actually a little hard because I actually believe in my vegetarianism, but if I want to enjoy China and experience the culture I think eating lots of bacon is a very important part of it. So my bro got the visas for us so that means only our total incompetence can mess up our plans. I guess this means that the Raish brothers are going to China.

Totoro Times Square photoshoot

I was kicked out of starbucks

Since I haven't been having any "misadventures" in NYC besides drinking and being an a-hole i thought i would post this up. This was my holloween costume a couple years ago. It's Totoro, a japanese cartoon character. We did a photoshoot in times square one night and took a couple video clips of me chasing this girl down times square. Those were the good old days when i really put my creativity to use.


a profile angle of the chase. there were guys on the other side of the street yelling "YEA!!! get that b!@#$@!!!!!"

don't worry i didn't go to jail... at least not yet

this one has a funny little jump at the end. mind you that thing is super uncomfortable. but if it looked comfortable it would'nt be as funny now would it? I am looking for suggestions on what i should be next year when i am in china. I believe that they don't celebrate holloween just the expat community so It would be fun to be wearing some huge costume and be one of those american "a$$holes". Any suggestions on what i should be next year?

can i have more that 3 layers in photoshop please?

hooray! i finally got a new laptop. on the right is what i took to korea 7 yrs ago. at the time it was top of the line and cost as much as this new macbook pro. It had 800mhz processor, 256 mb of ram and windows 98. It even had a removable floppy drive and dvd player(could'nt even burn dvds!) i cant believe i even did some of my illustrations on this a few years ago. it ways approx. 53 lbs. It only powers on about twice a month. anyway i glad to be rid of that virus filled danger box. now i have a 2.4 mhz intel core duo macbook pro with 2 gb ram and wireless and dvd burner. I am going to buy a 24 inch monitor while in china so i can really get to work. Yay no more wondering if the file will even save and if im going to cry myself to sleep! more product comparisons to come!