4th of July Just Like Old Times - Part 2

ruhh human awake?
good morning Charlie Brown
what a good dog

how bad does it suck to be a dog and the only way you can relieve the heat is through your tongue and the bottoms of your feet?  No wonder the first thing they do when they see water is submerse themselves instantly.  Are they just super hot all the time?  

he's made a mess of himself again

corn hole tournament.  In the end it was me vs. Jen.  (i won of course)

Dad's friend Mr. Baker brought this little canon, I heard someone say it just got real 'merica up in here, and yes it did.  They fired a little wooden thing out of it a few times.  Boys and their toys.  
So not pictured is the food, I guess everyone was so busy eating they forgot to take a photo.  We got my dad this electric smoker for father's day and he smoked a pork shoulder for like 15 hrs in it and it was sooooo good.  Ribs were great too.  My pulled pork sandwiches were had by everyone and there were plenty of left overs.

fun and games, if I were my parents I would be pretty proud at the sight of this.

crazy dog lady and all her dogs.

Elena and Zachary hunting for frogs

The camping crew (everyone else slept in the house).

another ring lost and never found, this time it was Katy's

brothers vs brothers.  Me and bob vs Dad and uncle Ed for our manhood and place amongst the Raish family men.  We lost (it was really close though, every year we get taller and taller and maybe someday we'll beat them).
4th of July Raish Brothers Chest Bump from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

we barely won the kids game.  but we did so celebration.

sisters game

they kissed

happy f'ing 4th of July from Steven J. Hedley (slams two red bulls, gets on blackberry, turns back to you, spits)


aunts and parents game

"2nd Place is the First Place Loser" - Steven J. Hedley

so much road kill on this trip, so many raccoons.  Do they always go crazy at this time of year?

we came home to a fireworks show right in front of our faces being launched from behind our building.

So what started as a little camping/4th of july party idea turned into a 4th of July Party like old times, keg of beer, bbq'ing, horse shoes, etc...  There are a few omissions like squirt guns and water balloons, volleyball.  The youngsters (my parents etc..) that used to play volleyball are too old to want to play and now the new youngsters (me) have adopted newer (but yet older) hipster games like cornhole.  I was thinking about it and back in the 80s/90s everyone didn't have a cellphone in their pocket so getting soaked with a well placed water balloon was not the biggest of deals.  Today if that were to happen I'm sure there would be more than a few super angry dads and hurt feelings (and hundreds of dollars down the drain).  That's too bad because that was the time of innocence, gettin' your mom or dad good by surprise and enjoying a world less technological.  Also family was missing, which i suppose is the inevitable march of time, Some good grandparents and aunts and uncles aren't with us anymore.  But to leave things on a positive note this little idea got all of my mom's sisters in one place for the first time in decades.  Maybe we'll do it again.....

4th of July Just Like Old Times - Part 1

what started as a little camping/4th of july party idea turned into a 4th of July Party like old times, keg of beer, bbq'ing, horse shoes, etc...   I'll get into what wasn't there in our modern era later.
somewhere on the way from NYC to Canisteo.  We had Steven, Bob, Micaela, Jen, and I in bob's black stallion hyundai elantra 2006

Bob's Baby cone.  get in there lil' fella

at Topps in bath picking up provisions and I see they have a pet bar or whatever.  Crazy pet people.

My uncle Ed's 6 or 8 man ten from an ear before carbon fiber synthetic materials.  It's not going so well.  I liked seeing everyone almost getting snippy with each other trying to figure it out.  In the end it stayed up despite looking wonky.

Eric brought full out camping gear and a propane stove to make coffee in the morning.

A boy and someone else's dog.
Billy Schu's home fries have everything in them and are good stuff.

stripey sisters

we tried to fly kites down by the house to no avail.

But up on the hill there was enough wind to get it going. 
bob turned out to be quite the kite runner much to my surprise.  He boasted of his days of buzzing the boardwalk in Delaware, sending the square running for the dunes.  Don't remember that happening.

there's actually a brewery in Hornell, Railhead Brewing Co

Back at the cool Cider Creek in Canisteo, still amazed this exists here.

we even got a tour from Kevin

hammock time interrupted.