Bob's Departure

as a lot of you know me and bob are getting some suits made. we also got shirts and shoes made. this is at the shirt shop. i told bob to go get his shirts while i was gettin my suit fitted and he came back wearing this. i told him that we were going back over there and getting your shirt fixed because the whole great thing about getting shirts made is that now we don't have to look like we are getting ready for our 6th grade band concert and can have shirts that actually fit.
hes getting it pinned back here or something but before it was huge.

this is one of the signs above our suit maker shop.

i got a 3 piece. it doesnt not look chocolate brown here at all, this camera is suck so bad.

i got some crazy silk lining pattern on the inside.

there is this really cool street near the drum tower. everyone was eating these and there were these cups everywhere. we had to try it and they were a delicious custard kind of thing. and even better they didn't turn into liquid in the opposite ends of our pants!

this is a common site here, people in their pjs walking around.

bob said F you jason by this time tommmorow i will be a vegetarian again, I AM EATING KFC!!!!! so we did.

this was the best thing bob could possibly ask for as a last meat eaters meal. it was some kind of steak wrapped in bacon. it tasted like buddah chewed each piece himself and turned it into sweet sweet meat butter

we went out with the brits and angel and others that night.

bob got these chicken feet at a 7-11 type convenience store. i wonder if he got through customs with them? or his "dvds"

happy trails bob. I will see you in Japan. it's kind of sad not having bob around now.

Shanghai bonus - Yu Gardens

Yu gardens was built for the governor of the Sichuan provence in the 16th century. as a result of me and bob being stupid and f'ing up or tickets we were able to see some extra stuff in shanghai. this was def cool.

this perfect marble ball was somehow carved out of these two statues and was rolling around in their mouth.

there were a bunch of cats running around this place. i hate cats but asian people love them, probably they are regarded more highly in asian culture. In Jason culture they would all be skinned. this japanese family was having a gay old time with this cat and then a group of korean girls came along and were going apesh!t over this little disgusting disease filled bag.

apparently these are carp, not goldfish.

i thought these dragon things on the tops of some of the walls were just epic.

so yu gardens is indeed beautiful and was worth it. that's my final review.

Shanghai part 3

so me and bob go to the train station and wait for an hour and hand our ticket to the lady and shes like you dumb@sses. this ticket is for tommorow not today. we are so stupid. we shat ourselves and ran to the ticket office but it was closed already. we shat ourselves again and then called up eugene to hang out again and we went back to the hotel and this time got a double room. here it is. then we went out to a bunch of clubs.

i had to check my email so bad but we could not find any internet cafes besides this one thats close to our hotel. so by the time i was able to check the next day i had 3 emails for freelance jobs! danger!

i thought this kind of web design died in the 90's but i was wrong. it just migrated to china, where it is alive and well.

crazy look at the skyline in 94 and then in 2007. in something like a 18 year span shanghai has built over 4,000 high rises, 2,000 of which are catergorized as skyscrapers, which is more than the total of the whole east coast in the US. (timeout Shanghai, 2006) it said there were 1,000 more on the drawing board as well. so a year later im sure there are a bunch more highrises .

on the left is the jin mao building. we went to the 88th floor observation deck to take these photos.

this is looking down the center of the jinmao building from inside. its super freaking. 88 stories up. it holds the hyatt which is the highest hotel in the world because it occupies the top 34 floors. we were lucky and the pollution wasn't as bad as the first day where you couldnt even see the top of the tower.

it seriously looks like monopoly.

in the front, indiana avenue, in the back park place

watever this is its cool looking.

bob was taking a picture of this massage parlor discreetly and they kept waving us in. my friend says that this is a mid level dirty message parlor, the real down and dirty ones are the ones where they sit around in lingere, not clubbing gear. the legit ones wear actual uniforms.

seating at burger king. since i am into mod i thought this was pretty cool.

off to the right is the coolest alley i have seen in china. it was more narrow and had all kinds of makeshit corregated plastic type roofings and over hangs. it had tons of amazing smelling and looking food stalls and places to eat, some so small that it looked like it was just a woman cooking in her own kitchen for a small number of clientele. they were selling everything from piles of refrigerators to their bodies. there were a few message parlors thrown into the mix. i was so awestruck and visually overloaded i forgot to take a photo of any of this. hands down the coolest thing i've seen in china so far. it was a magical 5 minute walk. bob on the other hand has problems with seeing all the poverty and invasion of privacy and such.

this was at the shanghai historical museum at the bottom of that jetson's space tower looking thing. i don't know how that girl got into our 1930's shanghai bluescreen movie.

this is daisy. she is the hottest girl i met in 1930's shanghai. she was very nice and had a brittish accent. i felt really good and it was a confidence booster until i realized she was made of wax and i was talking to myself and i'm crazy.

we rode a ferry across the river back to the bund and they just let bikes and scooters ride right onto the thing with the people. it was fumes city galore. fumes always get me and make me feel pukey. there are definitly tons of fumes everywhere in this country. it was super bad on this ferry where we were just sitting with all these scooters.

this is the "hard sleeper" train. it cost about $42 us dollars. i had to eat my chicken like that because you have about half the ceiling clearance than you have in the soft sleeper train. there are now 6 bunks per compartment and they aren't any bigger you just shove 2 more beds in there up by the ceiling which is where me and bob were. they gave me a pillow filled with rice or something so i woke up the next morning unable to move my neck. it was pretty bad for 2 days.

3 beds stacked up ontop of each other .

the hard sleeper train is definitly more ghetto. actually the soft sleeper is pretty nice. this hard sleeper train also took 13 hrs instead of 11. it didnt help that this was a T class ticket instead of Z class which is apparently the best class.