Hot New York Summer - Part 2

empire state

Nomad Hotel library bar.  i bought some Riesling at a finger lakes winery that they serve here.

this tree on this block near fulton and marcy really is this radiant color

Estuaries photoshoot.  Zhu Ru and Layla grew up in Hawaii and live in NYC now.  They started this swimwear brand

Estuaries photoshoot.  Zhu Ru and Layla grew up in Hawaii and live in NYC now.  They started this swimwear brand

nostrand ave subway 

Washington square

i like this little red design on Leffe bottles.

Steven my mate from Newcastle says this isn't even available in Newcastle.

cool story bro

do the parents of these kids want them to get beaten up horribly?  and they're scooters for pete's sake, are they allowed to even pp by themselves?

Amy Ruth's.  I went a few times this time around and the chicken was very salty.  Waffles still awesome.

fort greene 

Jane's Carousel at the Brooklyn bridge park.  manhattan bridge in the background

manhattan bridge.

brooklyn bridge via the brooklyn bridge park.  Highly recommended park for these stunning views!

Hot New York Summer - Part 1

Back in NYC for a long hot summer before I move to Paris at the end of August.  I was thinking of co-titling this post as "the return of jason and the Fall of Bob"

I stayed in Bedford Stuyvesant for most of of the time, better known as "Bedstuy"

in bed stuy corner of nostrand and something

Prospect park boat house

drinking wine out of shoes

there is this magical tree next to the boat house, lets go inside!

if you really want it and have blind faith you can get to the top.  I didn't even think this was possible until i saw someone else do it.  What's the word for that again?  Where inventions can happen on separate continents merely from someone hearing that is is possible and someone did do it 

this looks like a pretty good picture of summer

the lovely Zhu Ru

i never saw this beer when i was in Spain.  it says southern spain on the bottle and i never went to the south so maybe that's why

i like how there are just people in rollerskates in ny

I was thinking of co-titling this post as "the return of jason and the Fall of Bob"  So Bob called me up after some troubling times and I said Bob i'm buying you a ticket to NY (from Colorado, i know i know, why colorado who lives there?) for right now so pack your stuff.  All he had to do for the rest of the month was study for some test so he was on a plane a few hours later and in NY before midnight.  We ate checkers because it was one of the few places open and bob wanted some of that disgusting fast food and meat he never gets to eat.  On the walk home me and bob heard and saw this jazz thing happening in this way cool brown stone.  we thought oh man that's awesome.  little did we know that we WERE welcome.  weeks later i went with zhu ru

Brooklyn museum

bob got me to try on his hiking sandals.  gross.  and yes readers, I am his big brother and i have a responsibility so we went shopping and i bought him converse all star high tops and clothes (because he is a grad student and makes no money).

prospect park is a pretty sweet alternative to Central Park.

It was quittin' time so i randomly called my old mentor John Nickle and Jana and they happened to be having a BBQ at their house which is near the park so we went and it was sweet.  Their friends told us stories about old new york (the 80's) when they all moved to NY from various places and how dangerous it was, even park slope.  Am I becoming an adult?  I had fun hanging out with them.  John and Jana are my only adult friends maybe.

some pizza place in downtown brooklyn.

better dig in there bob because you're going back to Colorado soon and you're not gonna get this anymore.  you're gonna get nuts and legumes and wheatgrass.

oh did you want to get raped tonight?  my man bob has you covered, just step over here please.

Karaoke shenanigans, it was just me bob and micaela but that's fine because we all love karaoke enough to fill a room

Fat Cat late night, these two were jazz dancing

so long bob, hope this week in NY has been good therapy and satisfied your vices for a while.  It feels good and weird to be back in NY.