Summer Saunter

random breakfast bowl with rice and greens from the garden

old bread goes to use in this caramelized onion savory breakfast bread pudding.

pork shoulder braised in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, korean pepper flakes, etc also Jen made some blended Korean sauce that really went well with these Koreanized tacos.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is free on fridays from 8-Noon.

They have a few conservatories of different climates, here we are looking at a pepper plant (where ground pepper comes from) in the rainforest.

Deserts of Brooklyn.

The Japanese garden has this Shinto shrine to Inari tucked away on a little hill.

Outside the Botanic garden are these kettle bells locked to the bike rack.  Someone is really serious about fitness.

World Cup 2018 fever.  We went to Shinsen on Bowery, Mel's buddies's new sushi restaurant, because they were playing the Korea v Mexico game live at 11am.  Korea lost.

Later on we went to Blue Gold with foo in his hood in the east village.  Classic dive bar.

Chalk on the low ceiling from years of pool cues.

these two guys.

hey future people its 2018 and I have been having Marvel/DC/Starwars fatigue for a few years.  Why is this necessary?  What a stretch of a product tie-in.

doubles or triples tools for Bobbers who recently got his first NYC apartment in Harlem.  I told him he could use the broken off screw driver as some kind of jammer.  You never know when you're gonna need a good jammer.  I also told him you never know when you're gonna need that single specifically sized wrench.

so far we've yielded one huge cucumber.  The crappy spring made our plant really weak and half dead and the goya and zucchini are suffer the same fate too.

IPL by Cloudwater brewing in Manchester is the #2 brewery in the world according to RateBeer (The Other Half is like #7) and a Gose from Norther Brewer.  Steven brought these from England for us.

Gotta Work Hard to Play Hard

Olsens rooftop on a scorching summer day
its Picasso kind of by Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Pilot, a bar on a boat at Brooklyn Bridge park pier 6

Asian tacos, I made cantonese salt and pepper pork chops and sliced them up, fried garlic, shiso leaves, pickled onions, guac, jack cheese, sambal sauce.
Roscoe Beer Co is on the way to Canisteo.
The black stallion got it again.
construction on the horse shoe pits has begun.

Canisteo Krazee Daze was goin on which means the Canoe regatta which means drinking, coolers, kayaks, can lots of cops.

Cormac at almost 100lbs.

5 coats of Poly.  I read somewhere that if you're in the know you call polyurethane "poly" and not polyurethane like a chump.

The Lawrences got a bunch of deer this  year and have stocked my parents with a myriad of venison products like these pickled sausages.

Short Lived Spring

first harvest of greens
made jaeyook bokum spicy pork to make ssam bap lettuce hand wrap things.
now that jen is in class wednesday and thursday nights I'm on dinner duty.  This was spanish night, spanish omlettes, mahon and idiazabal cheese, and some kind of franken instapot spanish chick pea soup.
the back of a train toy or something oozing out into the hallway

in a rare period of bob feeling like doing the thing he really wanted to go on a  hike so we went to bear mountain.

we were dog sitting gucci who wouldn't be able to make it a whole day without peeing in our apt so we had to bring her along.  We don't have a dog backpack or something so she just got plopped into this totebag.

we even got fu to hike.  It was a pretty sweaty time.

Industrial Arts Brewing Company down the road.  It was open and airy and a very cool place with great beer.  two thumbs up.

d.b.a in east village is a dog friendly bar 

Vivi aka Maiko my old roomie at FIT visited from Michigan with Eisuke and child.

So the Korean Melon beer worked out!  Its got a very subtle flavor.

The sun gold cherry tomato plant has been going crazy and flexing it's muscles too much so as per the internet we pruned down the unnecessary branches so it can put more energy into making fruit and less into making more leaves.  It hurts me everytime i have to cut off leaves, look at how much there is here!
how much I had to cut off the other two heirloom tomato plants

after his haircut
Come at me birds and squirrels (bugs don't come at me).  Helms Deep is complete, I can't guarantee it's impenetrability though.

I drove Steven and Adam down to the Coney Island area to purchase 60 pounds of honey from a guy in the back of an electronics shop.  Yes you read that correctly.  The honeyman leaves at 5 but the electronics shop stays open til 8 so we met some other dude that didn't blink twice when they said they were here for the honey.  He pointed over behind some boxes and I thought we were gonna have to go down into some shady basement but it was just some 5 gallon buckets of honey and a honey sampling station.  I guess you've got to be an incredible entrepreneur if you are selling honey out of your electronics store on Coney Island Ave.

a 5 gallon bucket of honey is very heavy.  So everyone agreed this was the weirdest purchase they've ever made in item and situational scope.  Oh and you might be wondering this whole time why the h#ll do they want 5 gallons of honey.  It's cuz they make mead which is made from honey.  After this we got a pizza from spumoni gardens and played pool and drank beer back in south slope to celebrate the honey score.