1000th Post 10 Year Anniversary - Part 2

this happened some christmas when i was home from Japan I think

I got a 3 year artists visa and moved to Paris


got really sick and had to go to the hospital.

this is an after class party in France at Alliance Francaise.  Compare this to the squeaky clean ones in Japan.

the food in France is amazing.  Sometimes you just want a huge rich and creamy cheap plate though.

Budapest with Yoon, who knew Budapest was party city

Berlin with Yoon, where there are lots of clubs that are 24 hrs, I think we finally went home at 8pm after going to like 5 places.  This couple we saw on the street was like where are you guys going its just getting started now.

queen's day in Amsterdam with Vander Kock, Van Der sister and yoon.

I cut half of my thumbnail off in the dutch country side at Van Der Parent's house with one of those cheese shaver things.  It grew back.

Place Dauphine in Paris, one of many little quite corners you can discover.

This corner on Ile de la cité may be my fav place in Paris.

Madrid with Bob, bobbers face with a Zappatilla from down the street for scale.

Grenada with bob

flamenco in Seville with bob

rome with bob.  we saw the mother lovin' colosseum!  

Venice with bob.  We kissed.  It happened to be the Biennale at the same time and we got invited to a party after one of the gallery directors saw bob's book on the ferry and asked him about it.  We met local girls there and hung with them at more Biennale stuff the next night after being super hungover on cemetery island all day.

Mel's wedding in the Hamptons.  This is when it all went down hill.  There's Jen.  After this mel's wedding the rest is history.

went back to paris for the summer and was keeping track of the tour de france and saw the final leg of it in Paris on the Champs Elysees.

The whole time I knew I had to go back to new york to see about a girl.  jen came to visit paris and we had our Parisian romance

we went to Chris and Virginia's wedding in Rome and almost messed up my second chance to see the sistine chapel in the Vatican museum in the Vacitan city.  Almost.  after having to wait in line for like an hour our viewing time was cut down to 3 minutes.  We had to run through the vatican museum to the sistine chapel and then determined we had 3 minutes to look at it.  as we were running we would point at centuries old artwork you see in history books and keep on running.  We eventually made it to the airport only to be standing in the checkin in line and hear that we were too late.  jen never missed a flight in her life and was taking it pretty hard.  So we had to buy new tix and were drinking wine at the airport lounge very close to our gate but we never heard our name and missed the second flight of the day.  At that point it was so late we had to take a taxi to the countryside to some hotel with horses and amazing tasting cheap wine and food and had the best night in Rome.  We finally made the third flight.  two  missed flights in 1 day for Jen Yoo.

back in NYC subletting an apt with Tae and Kat whilst Jen and I work things out.
Jen's lease was up so we got an apt together in Carroll Gardens.
cherry blossom picnic on roosevelt island.
Kentucky derby before Ellen and Lukes wedding
Paris for another summer and THAT corner of Ile de la Cité
Jen came, the car rental place messed up so we got a Mercedes E class to drive around normandy for a week.  Mont St Michel was amazing.
Back in NYC at the governor's island jazz age lawn party.  Bill Cunningham photographed us and we got in the new york times

a trip upstate to the Adirondack Balloon festival and my parents met us.
A trip to Colorado for a big change in bobbers life.  We drove 3,000 miles from Colorado through new mexico to austin, new orleans, memphis, nashville, louisville, and then to the parents house in Canisteo New York with the car packed to the gills with all of bobs stuff.
This woman was into bob.  Later on I would have a hard time getting out of the men's bathroom because there was a paramedics thing blocking the door because this woman was passed out on the floor halfway out of the woman's bathroom.
halloween nyc
Joshua Tree national park on a visit to San Diego where the youngest Yoo sister was living at the time.
bob moved to NYC to make a go of it.  He was living at our house for like 2 months and poor Jen just took it and didnt say anything.  after a series of jobs it's now 2018 and bob is doing fine.
Hip Camp sponsored glamping upstate
a week in Cuba.  We got engaged in cuba and both got montezuma's revenge 
Jen buddy jen's wedding in Mexico.  Jen left her wallet like the Tribe called quest song.  They actually mailed it back to her.
We've seen a bunch of the free summer concerts in prospect park
another year another Jazz age lawn party on governor's island
the funniest thing in the last 10 years I can remember.  Antonio fell into the pond with two of his phones in his pockets only to slip and fall on his back like a cartoon afterwards.
trips up the hudson valley
Napa with the yoo fam.
San Francisco.

New newf Harper
Canisteo Xmases

bob bought me this 1 gallon brewing kit and since then we've been doing two 5 gallon batches successfully and are really hobby brewers now.

Gettin' Nowhere Fast from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

there have been several horrible polar vortex winters in NYC
the most extreme sledding ever done in prospect park.
We got married in Hawaii cuz jen is from hawaii.  here is the kiluea crater on the big island (which has erupted now in 2018)
we got this amazing house in lanikai on water for 5 days (thanks mr yoo)
small wedding, 50 people, super easy and relaxed

the wedding after party karaoke sesh kept the neighborhood up literally

we coulda died?  me and vanderkock got rolled and steven did too and we kept gettin hit with waves while standing on razor sharp corral it was quite a bloody ordeal.  later on after resting on the island we all linked our vessels togther and drank juice cuz no one could find beer and we had swell euphoric time having possibly faced death.  We weren't even gonna wear life vests cuz they weren't mandatory.  Fumika and Micela did not get rolled cuz they went into the wave head on and are not dumbasses.
Pokemon go craze hit, this is the first ever pokemon i caught ever.

steven's birthday we hiked the shenandoahs and saw a bear
people say our quest was dumb and useless and no one asked for it but I say it was a hero's journey.  We went into uncharted territory at Jill and Derek's house in shanon, ct
we blew up the gingerbread village this year.
Mexico City for Yoon's kinda bachelor party weekend.
the stopover in Beijing to start off our honeymoon that no one asked for cuz air china sucks and missed the connecting flight cuz of lots of delays.
Osaks and Kyoto.  Masami and Akira were so nice and accommodating.  This was Jen's first time in Japan.
saw most of the old buddies
Jen got to experience the missing the last train so you have to party til 6am first train thing.  what a fun night with the crew.
the seaweed and dried stuff market with Jen's parents in Seoul.
my first time in Wonju and this is now my second fav korean food to eat, Makguksu
I'd glad Jen got to experience Japan

the coolest bar I've been to in Japan maybe.  thanks kyle for the insider info.
time to move into the 15th street park slope apt but there are some things to be done first.  Like get the gas turned on, but the key to the boiler got lost somehow so i bought a lock picking kit to try and pick it but failed after so many hours.  Eventually a guy came and popped it with a screwdriver 
4th of July party van with the misfits crew.  we had a super swell camping and partying time at my parents house.

my first foray into gardening up on the roof
Ikebana'ing with my mom
RIP Brody.

the magazine jen worked at was sold so this was her last day of work party up on the roof, just the two of us camping and dancing in the moonlight.
a sudden cold unrelenting downpour left our spirits dampened somewhere in Connecticut.

we spent a month in Korea.  The first week was with jen's fam, i've never had a korean fam in korea before.

gave a talk at Jungyeon Roh's class

finally got my stamp made, this used to be my name!

the sled ride of my life.  finally raish hill has been conquered.  Also never had a dad that was willing to drive me up the hill multiple times in an atv which helps.

new puppy Cormac
Helms deep up on the roof for my second year of gardening.  So my new life is very domestic and work focused.  I spend the majority of my time on illustration now.  Party time Jason has slowly dissapeared.  Now i'd rather watch netflix than go to a party or social gathering.  But maybe things aren't over for me or us (me and Jen) because we did a month in Korea last year, maybe we can do something like that again when Jen is done with graphic design school. Until then i'll keep hustling, trying to make better artwork and looking at this blog occasionally to remember the peter pan life i once had.  Who knows how many posts this blog will get to but 1000 in 10 years is definitely an accomplishment.  Thank you dear readers!