Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Spring can really hang you up the most, the title of a melancholic jazz standard (great versions by stan getz, ella fitzgerald, or zoot sims).  This spring has beed a bad boy.  It's been cold and has really put farmer jason behind schedule.  I planted my hardened off seedlings on the roof on april 15th but it was too cold and a lot of them died so i had to either sprout more seeds, plant the back ups weeks later, or just take it.
this time we added 5 pounds of Korean Melon 참외 Chamoe (if you're saying it fast sounds like cham-ey) to 5 gallons of our pale ale.

pureed it up and poured it into a sanitized secondary fermentor.

got this wireless temperature thing so I could put a sensor up on the roof in the greenhouse and see how greenhouses are total BS.  Once the sun goes down the greenhouse provides no warmth.  The best it does is stop the wind at night.  I guess the greenhouse is better than nothing but it was a lot of work to basically have plastic over the plants at night 
The administrative adventures of jason.  stuff like going for the large size of sanitizer 
ran around prospect park trying scout out possible picnic locations.  this is at the top of the jogging hill kinda and has this weird sandy playground.

it was too cold to do a cherry blossom picnic this year so we finally got this magnolia one late in the season in prospect park
is this a hybrid spliced cherry tree with two kinds of blossoms?

Chinese Tuxedo on Doyers Street in Chinatown

Saw the Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson's latest stop motion movie and I loved it.

see how the peppers didn't like that cold weather spanking they received.  They're all dead now and i had to start over.  One of those tomatoes died and had to be replaced with a back up too.

found this on craigslist for $20 I think.  Gotta get fermeters for cider season and such

the last nabe pot of the season.

these asian cucumbers would eventually die too although the plant has come back to life and is working on more.

one of the cascade hops has emerged

Pink girl hybrid tomato bush to ensure we get some tomatoes cuz growing heirloom tomatoes is harder I hear

trying to get something to grow through this tanuki's eyes.