Marching Along

first a few i forgot from february.  This was on what had to be the coldest day of the year, -20 windchill.  Street salt from the snowpacalypse.

so our beer ended up with no carbonation and tasted like it was half as alcoholic as it should have been.  It tasted like 6 point resin though.  We are guessing that the yeast died some time halfway through fermenting process so it wasn't able to make more alcohol and carbonation

Strong Rope brewery in Gowanus afterwards so we could have some real beer after our failure.  

illo in St Anthony Messenger, a prodigal daughter story.
Baby Daddy pimpin' out their cans with black tops and eyeballs on the tab

Ellen and Luke took us to Decoy for Peking Duck.

the duck was good stuff
reading the book and watching the series currently.  Even though bob turned me on to Michael Pollan i'm really into it.
Stories Matter II talk at the Society of Illustrators.

workin on something

first day using the new pétanque balls at brooklyn bridge park pier 5

a whimsical little fairy
the Obut app to measure the distance between the balls.  It even has a level that won't snap the photo until its absolutely level for accurate measuring.  I wonder how many fights are prevented or caused by this app.  Perhaps we will have to wait 20 years until the smartphone aged generation gets into their living on french pensions and playing petanque all day age to really see the effects of apps like this.

IMG_3617 from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
IMG_3615 from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
New place, the Hop Shop, lots of craft beers and cheap hot dogs.  Close to brooklyn bridge park so I see us ending up here many an evening this summer after some park action.

bridge to red hook.  bob liked this star wars graffiti

the misadventures of jason, aka the mundane misadventuresofjason.  trying to shove my package down (spoiler:  it didn't fit).  Where my mundane misadventures used to be going to some foreign countries visa office, they are now getting my hand stuck in a mailbox on my way back to my home closet office.

Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson at the apple store in soho talking about Anomolisa.  They have been doing this for 6 months and Charlie Kaufman was just barely having it.  Here he is probably saying I don't know what you want from me with this question.  Kaufman wrote Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, etc..

mini bachelor party bro down startin' off in carroll park with petanque.  Glenn is from the friends of Carroll Park volunteer group that takes care of the park.  We went to one of their meetings because someone said we could sign out a key for the bocce court that's locked up.  Apparently the old Italians don't like people playing petanque on the bocce court because the balls are smaller and and thrown high in the air and make divots and mess out their ground.  I can attest to this so its not the french vs italians thing.   this forsaken pitch is going to need some grooming but it will turn out great for this summer.

they took me to the russian bath house on the financial district for some sauna, steam room, hot tub time.  dinner was at Raclette where their specialty is raclette plates.  You get 2 scrapings!  There's gotta be a more appetizing way of saying that but that's what they say.  They heat up the cheese under these heating elements then scrap onto your potatoes.  It's byob so we brought a bottle of sancerre and chablis for a fantasic french affair.

buddies?  at sing sing karaoke on st. marks place.  more drinks.  too many drinks.  In btween drinks throughout the day were at Holiday House, Fat Buddah, and finally ending at Abeline in my hood where I got sleepy.  That's for the good times fellas.

Bob and I nursing hangovers.  Jen was gone all day at a baby shower so we tried to get pumped up for hawaii by being pieces of flacid garbage on the bed/couch watching hawaii videos on youtube.  It's amazing how many people feel the need to make and narrate their own travel guide videos whilst on their vacation.  And they are usually the most mundane characterless people you can find.  There must be a correlation.  At one point bob said this girl has 0 screen presence.  That's even being too nice.
me and bobbles randomly decided to try this place in Redhook, Home made.  It's in a big warehouse on crappy commerce street but then inside its like an oasis in the middle of the redhook warehouse area.

gruyere and speck on brioche bread, good stuff.  Home Made gets two thumbs up.

Sunny from Sunny's bar passed away over the weekend.