Solenne Le Sommelier

A bonus illustration in my personal Parisians series.  This will be the last one for a long time or even, forever.  I illustrated cool looking people I saw around Paris when I lived there, and even interviewed some of them.  I met Solenne around Paris several times.  The first time was when she was the sommelier at Vivant (an excellent restaurant).  The second time she was eating at Le Verre Volé (a decent restaurant).  It seems like all the people from top restaurants know each other in Paris.  The third time was at Le 6 Paul Bert in the 11th arrondissement, where she is now the sommelier (also an excellent restaurant).  She is half French, half Vietnamese and wants to go to Vietnam someday.  J’ai rencontre Solenne autour de Paris à plusiers fois.  Le premiére fois, à Vivant (un resto tres bon) quand elle était le sommelier.  Le deuxiéme fois, à Le Verre Volé (un restaurant convenable) où elle était mangeait. Le Troisiéme fois, à Le 6 Paul Bert (aussi un resto tres bon) où elle est le sommelier.  Elle est Franco-Vietnamienne et aimerait visiter le Vietnam.  Should I do a “The New Yorkers” series?

Got a copy of Neo Folk, a special publication put together by Kult, an agency in Singapore. This is my page. There’s great stuff from Yuko Shimizu, Andrea Wan, Jeannie Phan, Jon Lau, Mojoko and more. It’s from Singapore so good luck finding this wherever you live.

They told me last week that this piece was selected for the American Illustration 33 book!  Out of 9,720 images 384 were chosen to represent the best of 2013 Illustration.  Somehow this one made it.  Thanks judges!

Paris Rue du Moulin Des Pres 13 Arrondissement

I lived in this house in the 13th arrondissement of Paris for a year with my Aunt, Uncle, and guy and girl cousins.  It was a swell year and I was fortunate to live with them.  The 13th is most notable for Chinatown and the old school Butte Aux Cailles area.  Many tours of French tourists would be led down our street and for good reason, the “papillon” (butterfly) houses like the one we lived in.  They’re called this because the structure is divided in half with another family living on the other side.  The whole neighborhood is uniquely beautiful with these old stone papillon houses.  behind the them are little yards which is extremely rare in Paris.  The skies are often dramatic, with the sun shining on one side and storm clouds advancing on the other, often for only a few minutes of rain.  I included some of my favorite things about Paris in this illustration.  Baguettes, beautiful French women (especially on bikes), Kaz the family golden doodle, my vintage Peugeot road bike (yes that’s me and yes I took the liberty of making myself look a little better), a bottle of St. Emillion grand cru red wine from Chateau Ambe Tour Pourett that I went to when I was in Bordeaux, a bottle of Chabli premiere cru white wine from my favorite of all the neighborhood wine stores, a Citroen DS 19, and a Citroen 2CV aka “duck”.  Even Penny, the neighbor’s dog is here.  And of course a pile of ubiquitous poo that plagues Paris’ sidewalks.  The ladies are based on two lovely French actresses, Anna Karina and Bridgette Bardot.  For the fashion curious the outfits are from Hermes Fall/Winter 2012 and Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014.  I’m wearing the stereotypical French navy Breton shirt and scarf that I wore as a joke but most of my friends took seriously.  I love the vines, slate shingles, and shape of their house and had to illustrate it.  I think I spent more time on this than any piece before.  That’s a LOT of time.  It’s big, 24” x 36” poster size

The Citroën DS 19.  A legendary French car introduced in 1955 at the Paris Motor Show.  Classic & Sports Car magazine brought together a judging panel that of well known car designers and they voted the Citroën DS as the most beautiful car of all time.  It was always cool seeing one of these when I lived in Paris.
The Citroën 2CV (French: "deux chevaux"), another legendary and iconic French car.  Introduced in 1948 people mocked it for It’s utilitarian looks.  The Dutch, the Germans, and others nicknamed it “The Duck” because of its looks and even Citroën came to embrace the name.  It was cool seeing these around Paris when I lived there.

Mega Work Dump - Part 3

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings as Napoleon crossing the alps for Variety

Veterans finding work back home for the Military Officers Association of America
double page spread for Rhapsody: United Airlines First Class In-Flight Magazine.  It's about all these app developers that struck it rich

killed rules guy illustration for Golf magazine about biting down on a tee to calm your nerves

rules guy illustration for golf magazine about a ball just jumping off a tee by itself

spot for investment news about some organization being too tough on their people

another for investment news about there being too many buyers and too few sellers in the acquisitions realm
Would you like to swing on a star?  Carry moonbeams home in a jar?

Alpaca pride.

Mega Work Dump - Part 2

Raising a Tomboy for Emory Alumni Magazine

Navigating estate sales for the Washington Post

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.  The news of some new insane thing each morning prompted me to make this illustration featuring a portrait of Vladimir Putin riding a bear in every hotel room

Should you by or rent?  for the Washington Post

spot for Westchester magagazine about a woman remember her times shopping with her mom at Nordstroms or similar in Halston jumpsuits and such

For the Wall Street Journal - Study about how you dress and the way people perceive you.  Turns out the weirder you dress the more respect you garner whether you be a professor or in a luxury store wearing sweat pants.

sales staff thought people wearing sweat pants in a luxury store were most likely rich and likely to buy something.

another for the Wall Street Journal about working from home.  Pancakes, dog.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle I Want to Ride My Bike

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike.  Bicycle! Bicycle!  Famous lyrics from that Queen song.  I can't wait to ride my new bike but first let me show it off to you.
New York city law is you have to have lights on your bike so I got these small Knog Blinder 1s.  They're USB chargeable

French Motobécane road bicycle purchased in 1976

Suntour gear shifters

Looks like the guy bought it at brands cycle center in Wantagh, NY

in great condition

it even has suicide brakes! (double handles so you can break in the racing position or the casual sitting upright position)

is this even south south Williamsburg anymore?  Hasidic Jewish neighborhood

All these fashion events with Jen, all these drinks and food.  This is a Tevas sandals event.

cool ring flash setup

mini Patron tequila drinks

MOCCA Fest 2014 at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Ave.  MOCCA stands for Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.

Charles Brown

New supermarket in Chinatown on the corner of Pike and East Broadway.

The flip up sink at Smith and Mills

we waited for the sun to clear this building forever.  It was so cold sitting outside.  It finally happened.

dude don't go to the dark side!