4th of July at Raishland - Part 2

Day 3 began with a hike and watering hole sesh in Ithaca, whose gorge has something like 12 falls.  It was super hot and we def did not see all 12

There's 1 legal huge watering hole with a lifeguard and stuff and lots of people and many illegal ones 
Liquid State Brewery in Ithaca is a cool place and we made it there just as it started raining

After finishing up some events it was time for the closing ceremonies and the awarding of the medals.
special thanks to bob for his scalable, dynamic tournament scoring system that tried to accommodate everyone's needs.  For information about licensing this unique tournament system contact bob directly at iamamathknob@yahoo.com

This year the "Eye of a Newfoundland, Heart of Davy Crockett"® coonskin cap award went to Kimie Nishikawa's (Japan) brave and tenacious efforts.  The bronze medal went to Adam Johnson (USA) who's second place finish in knife throwing and 1st place punishing finish in cornhole secured him a spot on the podium.  The silver medal went to Steven Hedley (England) who's first place archery win secured him enough points to land him at the number two spot on the podium.  In an unprecedented and highly controversial turn of events we see two gold medal winners this year, and brothers at that!  Robert Raish (USA) and Jason Raish (USA) tied in points and due to atmospheric and environmental constraints, a no holds barred 2 enter the octagon and only one leaves throwdown to determine gold medal glory could not be had and thus the IASTC committee voted to award two gold medals this year.  Alternative sport athleticism must run deep in the Raish family. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you your International Alternative Sports Tournament of Champions 2018 LLC Working Title champions!  Give them a hand ladies and gentlemen, really come on now give them a hand.

enchantment from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

exhausted, spent, hot, sweaty, dejected or victorious, the athletes shared many a drink and a laugh in IASTC Monument hall for the after party.  At one point in the night there was a swiftly plummeting downward trajectory in energy but the athletes managed to rally and transform IASTC Monument Hall into a seriously raging dance party.

after too many drinks the athletes went to bed, not even caring that it was their 4th night sleeping in a tent.

Dad Raish brought out various kind of firearms and we all partook in target practice on his newly set up range.

837 miles in the party van.  After several mornings of sausages, eggs, buttered salt rising toast, 95 degree weather, more beers than you should have, more hotdogs, hamburgers, and venison products than one should have, singing the sound of music in the party van, eating at taco bell, going to 3 breweries, and exhibiting more alternative sports athleticism than this world has ever seen, 4th of July at Raishland has come to it's end but boy did it burn bright while it lasted.

starting to be able to harvest stuff from the rooftop garden.

4th of July at Raishland - Part 1

The 3rd Fourth of July in a row at Raishland.  Here is the rooftop garden situation the night before we left.
We rented a party van again, but this time it wasn't a Dodge Grand Caravan (aka The DGC) it was a crappier like a chrysler pacifica, but it still go the job done.
we stopped by Catskill Brewery on the way.  Good stuff.
Roscoe Brewery which is super close by also has an electric car parking thingy and on the highway both breweries have billboards directly across from each other.  Also in the background they had two very chilled out large hounds of some sort.
We arrived with the daylight fleeting in time to set up camp and come back down the hill for beer and pizza

Morning has come to IASTC village on the first day of the 3rd Annual International Alternative Sports Tournament of Champions 2018 LLC Working Title.  There was a glimmer in everyone's eye as their hearts soared at the thought of IASTC gold
harper just chews on deer antlers now
Steven Hedley (England) giving archery instruction to the IASTC athletes

Segway SlapJoust Evolution from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
Segway SlapJoust: The Final Slap from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
Segway SlapJousting is probably too dangerous and painful to be an official event in the IASTC but could be an exhibition event.
lots of food, beer, and merry making were had

Day two of the 3rd Annual International Alternative Sports Tournament of Champions 2018 LLC Working Title begins

Day 2 began with horseshoes in the morning to beat the heat.  The temperature for the whole trip was in the mid 90s in the day time!

Derek Drew (USA) and Jason Raish (USA) clinched a victory in horseshoes earning them ? points.
knife throwing and archery happened all the time, like how it seems like they do curling in the winter olympics every day non stop.  Knife throwing is a newly introduced event this year and most of the athletes took to it due to its accessibility and ease of introduction.  But make no mistake, it takes skillz to perform well in this event at the IASTC

The winner of the knife throwing event is bestowed the Golden Bowtie, inspired by the grand master himself, The Great Throwdini who wears a tux and bowtie and holds the world record in almost every knife throwing thing.  Jason Raish (USA) went home with the Golden Bowtie in 2018.  He is so badass and cool and smart

An exhausted group of IASTC athletes took a short trip to Cider Creek for some deliciously dry ciders and R and R before day 3.