Family Time

an unexpected trip to the parents house.  Brody, my parents biggest Newfoundland ever, was diagnosed with bone cancer and was receiving new experimental treatment at Cornell and was doing very well and suddenly went downhill.

new stuff

we surveyed the land and gathered summer flowers and plants for an ikebana session outside.

my not so good entry

mom's tiger lily centered piece

bob's minimalist piece

Dad's  summertime rustic

and the winner of this one was Jen who found this crazy looking specimen to use as her center piece

is bob feeling one with nature.

early one morning out the window

more deer later on

Harper taking a rope out to a victim in need

When we got back to NYC I went to the roof to see a toppled over tomato plant and this on the ground.  I then knew that it was on.  Thieves are now in season.
Rest in Peace Brody.  What a guy.  I loved wrestling with him.  He was beloved by all including everyone at my Mom's school, was a therapy dog, and won tons of awards with my Mom.

Life in the New Hood - Park Slope Edition

There have been many many life in the new hood posts and this time it's Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Also a sign of the time and a sign of where I am in life, this is the first ever smartphone photo only post (Google Pixel).  Smarthphone camera tech has gotten to the point where i'm ok with the photos, they are by no means as good as the ones taken with my DSLR but when you're domesticated and lazier it will have to do.
The buttercrunch lettuce recovered from being decimated by spider mites

the Mizuna red streaks mustard greens have exploded

the first of at least 30 jalepenos

trumpet vine from my mom is not looking so good but yesterday Jen noticed a new sapling poking out of the soil amongst the dried up and once thought completely dead transplants.  that little guy has only a few months to set down some good roots and settle in for the winter or else he will end up like the rest of his brothers.

When I went to day camp we didn't get to hit each other with huge duct taped up foam medieval weapons.  I wonder if they make them do all the LARPing (Live action role playing) stuff like making a character and following a script.

one morning I went up to the roof to find this.  I had transplanted this spinach and herbs the day before and some squirrel @$$hole came and knocked my snowman down.  The poor parsley never even had a chance at life.

Little Jenny Yoo is drunk.  They don't have fireflys in Hawaii and she discovered one stuck in a spider web and tried to save it but inadvertently injured it and when you're just a lowly bug an injury just means you're gonna die

Little Jenny Yoo feels bad and is mustering all the morality her little heart can muster.

after about 5 minutes of standing on the sidewalk contemplating the fleeting nature of life Little Jenny Yoo comes to the realization that the little guy is not gonna be OK and decides to put it out its misery.

Little Jenny Yoo feels bad.

I also pointed out that she potentially murdered 2 lives that night because now that spider is denied his meal and may not have enough sustenance to make it to tomorrow.  Little Jenny Yoo was drunk and did not appreciate this sentiment at all.

the buttercruch lettuce has exploded and for a while it was making enough to have a salad every day just from these three plants (the 4th one is a little runt and wasn't producing anything).

I'm tipping my top hat to you sir.

chips found at union market recommended by John Nickle.  (i'm addicted to chips).

the plants are startin' to get swole so it's time to tie them up.

at El Continental, an El Salvadorian restaurant.

sampled 2 El Salvadorian beers, they are what you expect them to be.

Little Jason is drunk and he got caught in a downpour

there's even more where this came from

nooooo don't go I need you.  WE need youuuuuuuu

Hello Park Slope

Hello Park Slope!  We finally moved in.  Technically our side of 15th street is still Park Slope, the other side of the street is South Brooklyn.

watching Office Space at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

a few days later at Nancy's bday party at the new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge rooftop

in the end there's only one way.

found this guy on the bed and hoped it wasn't a tick.  It's not it's a spider beetle.

the butter crunch lettuce was producing enough to eat everyday  (eventually it crapped out)

a harvest of buttercruch, mizuna and young shiso and gaennip leaves cuz we needed them despite getting to their full size.

Jen made some bulgogi and we combined it all to make ssam bap

climbing has gotten popular, stevers and bartlett go to brooklyn boulders regularly, and they're even having them at street fairs like this one on 5th ave BK.

somewhere in park slope, Teencetown, population 67.

Sweet Crude at the Bric celebrate brooklyn live concert series in Prospect Park.

I discovered Ben L'Oncle Soul in Paris and was amazed he was headlining a night at the park.  I was then disappointed to find he sang only once in French the whole night and the entire time was reworkings of Sinatra, and a lot of B level Sinatra at that.

The ramen crusted chicken bao sandwich at Hey Hey Canteen in Gowanus

working late

back in Carroll Gardens I finally saw Dennet Place, a little street with even tinier hobbit doors on every building.

Ellen was here and she got really hot

in the Pokemon Go world the Raid functionality was finally released and its forced nerds to gather and team up to achieve stuff.  Sometimes there are even normal looking people.  Then they released the Legendary birds and you absolutely have to team up with people and even talk to strangers on the street to coordinate.  The very first day, a sunday, that the Legendary birds were available Bob and I set out in my hood with the expectation of not having enough people (12) randomly around to help in the capture of a legendary bird.  We made our way to the front of a church and saw a small group of people waiting around.  We joined them and had to talk to them and we didnt have enough people.  We all waited a few more minutes and more people crossed the street to join us.  We fought and lost 2 time and we all knew we needed one more person.  We see a kid with ADD run over and he was all over the place and we finally got him to do what we needed him to do and we all won.  Everyone was so happy and high fiving and one lady was like I might cry.  It was like the sizzle trailer for the game.  We had a diverse crowd of many races, ages, and walks of life.  It was amazing and a truly magical experience all brought about by a dumb app on our phones.  Keep in mind we are a group of 12 people on the sidewalk and it's embarrassing (at least for me and bob) because we are standing around on the side walk for pokemon go.  I walked dumbfounded and amazed and conflicted by having a bunch of 1s and 0s bring about emotions in me.  Since then the raids have become less magical as peeps no the deal/are getting fatigued.

the indoor Shiso and Gaenip is doing well also.