Summa Is Coming

they were doing this for 3 hours.  Who pays for this?  The city?  I saw or next door neighbor talking to the guys and thought I saw him hand them money.  Can any citizen just hire a tree cutting service to cut down any tree they don't like?
they cleared out A LOT

I ordered memory for jen's laptop from Amazon and there was a free same day shipping option and it actually did arrive by 9pm that night!  Amazing.
jen's been trying to do this food blog/social media thing and so far it seems like I'm volunteered to do the cooking and she takes photos of the ingredients and then never takes a photo of the final product.  Her reason is because the meal is ready after the sun goes down and she can't take a natural light photo of the final.  This is usually gonna be the case so we'll see where this goes.  Here are the ingredients for a bacon and broccoli quiche complete with the homemade dough.

I made one of Jason's impromptu stew braises and I tasted it and said, this would go great with Spaetzle, a German egg noodle.  I don't have a Spaetzle maker so I watched some youtube videos of hand cut Spaetzle which is cool because it gives it a more authentic homemade touch.  It worked out and was delicious.

breakfast bowl, SPAM, egg, butter choy, alfalfa sprouts, cheddar, over rice

Jonathan Bartlett's recent offerings available on

Botanica is a bar that is part of the Widow Jane distillery thing, they make rum too.  I thought it felt like Cuba there and it turns out it's a Dominican themed bar so I was close.

BK Bridge park picnic spread by Virginia

Hamburger Onigirazu for a memorial day theme by Jen.  She also made hot dog sushi rolls.

William Yu steps into the future.

saw a multiple instances of this happening.  Quinseañera? (15th birthday celebration for girls in parts of the Latin American world).
learning the baseline to Billie Jean

party at Steven's house

making pickled onions intended for tacos and other things.  Next time i would not use the 1 cup of sugar they called for, maybe 3/4 or half cuz that's a lotta sugar!

once again there's no photo of the final product but it made a lot.
making corn tortillas from masa harina and water.  We don't have a tortilla press so we used a pot.

made Kenji Lopez Alt of Serious Eats fame's Green Chile Tacos.  Shredding the chicken that was blasted and browned in a really hot pot and then braised in a puree of aneheim peppers, other green stuff.  My second time making these and its a lot of work but really good.

Pan fried noodles with chicken (Gai See Chow Mein) made in the wok.

Doin The Thing

wedding gift from stevie from the Heatonist hot sauce store in williamsburg.  you pick your sauces and it comes in a nice box.  The middle one Karma Sauce is the best of these 3.  As I say you can always judge the character of a person by the amount of hot sauce in their fridge so we are up to like 10 or more.

basil, cilantro, parsley planted from seed kit that my moms gave us

cilantro seeds are called coriander in USA in the UK the call it all coriander and the word cilantro doesn't really exist.

baby parsley

somewhere off west broadway

canal st and something

Cocoran soba good stuff

Prince died

release party for the Impossible I-1 instant film camera at the Moma store.  It's got a remote smartphone app, built in ring flash, 5 in camera lenses, and other cool features.  retails for $299

of all the gadgets they have at the Moma store in the kitchen section this was the most ridiculous of the ridiculous.  A strawberry huller because you make strawberry cakes a few times a week and need to get those hulls out of there FAST.

Oddisee the rapper at an Etnia Barcelona party for their new Basquiat sunglasses

saw James Chang there

the Basquiat 03s actually fit my flat asian face