798 November

went to 798 again to see some new stuff. awesome stuff.

This guy Li Chen does amazing scultures! there were smaller ones and there were these huge massive one.

this is not a good photo, it is hanging from the ceiling and this huge polished fat black figure is riding on a little cloud.

these animal ones are inspirational too.

one of the lobbies of the art center that has a Dior show. my FIT fashion design buddies would proabbly love this. the installation was pretty cool. and if you're a dior or fashion fan i guess it would be awesome.

there are lots of galleries so there are lots of events and openings all the time.

not art just a crate by the loading dock but great colors.

these are made by Phunk Studios, a Singapore design group or collective or something like that. i dig it. these are silkscreen on canvas.

this one was huge
love the style and color scheme.

Thanksgiving Beijing style

there are occasionaly pan handlers on the trains in Beijing. this guy wasn't bad, was sweating so bad too, and was really singing passionately, i feel so bad that he was doing it all for 1 rmb notes (14 cents)

they say that thanksgiving hasn't caught on in Beijing because no one has ovens. which is true, no one has ovens, that means no one can cook turkeys. that means you are stuck with the various expat restaurants about town, either ordering a package to eat at home or eating t-day dinner at a restaurant.

it's sad. thanksgiving dinner should'nt be eaten at a fancy restaurant. it should be at home, and messy, and gluttonous, gravvvvvy. this portion was so small i had to order a sandwich afterwards to even put a dent in my stomach. the food was ok but a far cry from a home cooked dinner which i later cried myself to sleep thinking about as my chicken pita sandwich digested in my stomach.

this is the smallest piece of pumpkin pie i've ever had. even smaller than the ones where you say "i'll just take a really small piece" Overall it was not like home and I was dissapointed. did i tell you i cried myself to sleep longing for real stuffing and gravy?

one of the rare instances of vandalism in beijing. his eyes were spray painted black.

met angel at Yugong Yishan, one of the big live music venues in beijing. went just for a drink. would end up coming back that weekend for a most pleasent suprise which ill post later.


who are these guys

a sleeping beauty. i'm thinking about doing a series of illos called "sleepy beauties"

David's Birthday

Lily's Roomate David had a birthday, like most humans i suppose. he is irish but lived in brittain for a while so his accent is not very thick which is a bummer. when he says words like "hearty" its still good but you know it could be "heartier" if he had his full on irish accent. we went to this big place for dinner which is pretty cool. i should take my parents there when they come.

because they will need this sign to hold up when they need help

they had performances in the main dining area

and some guy was selling these in the entranceway, inside the restaurant. that looks like it could be Koffi Annon on the right. a weird choice if it is.

Mao live house again for some chinese rock that im not into. glad we left there

then onto the bar and drinking and then karaoke and all that good stuff.

my friend has this water heater thing that flames up everytime you turn the hotwater knob. I dont know what's going on in there but i see gass and flames. it is way better than mine because they have instant hot water instead of having to turn mine on and wait 20 min to take a shower.

this looks like YOUR mom that did 10 years in the joint for manslaughter. now she sells flowers. i did not want her catching me taking a pic of her.

i finally went to this drawing session they have in this fancy fixed up hutong community events center type thing called "the hutong" so creative but watever. they hold cooking classes and tea classes and stuff and these drawing sessions too. there were actually like 15 people there and it felt kind of like school again except from what i could over hear most of them were just doing it as a hobby. I guess i will go occasionally because i forgot that i hate life drawing and was one of the things i loathed in school

here is some of the process of painting the background texture for my tiger beer illustration. it's actual size which is like 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet. the biggest piece i've done so far. it's over now and ill show it later, its pretty awesome, and it should be if i spent 12 hrs a day for 1 week straight on it.