Halloween 2008 Beijing

so i had no choice. i had to be Doreamon again. he is the only character that is widely known in China. I was planning to be Gatchpin, that green guy that i bought a suit of. i was planning on making a huge one of him. but no one knows who that is. so i was Doreamon again and everyone told me that everyone else loved it and i was a "superstar". i got a little iniberated so i don't really know. All i know is i had a ton of fun and partied in this thing proper like i should have done all the other years in NY

First we went to a big party at the Brits apartment.

this guy certainly has the face for it

look at how small Lily #2's face is compared to mine. shes swimming in that thing

we had to hold it out the window of the taxi to get from place to place.

we ended up going to this Irish pub later on. There were lots of americans there. I've only met like 3 in China before that day.

Lily #1 was supposed to be a monk

There was an impromptu pool stick limbo line that started and the bar had to be raised to the ceiling for me. A proper Halloween night if you ask me.