Jing Shan Park

I really needed this day to remind me why im in china. its not so i can be angry and do china hating everyday because so many things are inconvenient or make no sense to my western logic. its so i can do stuff like go to Jing Shan Park and see tons of beautiful sheit and play ping pong and hang out with chinese people. I have hung out with my roomates friend Yang Yang a couple times and she doesnt speak english really so its good practice and she shows me around and stuff.

finally played pong with some old guys. only the 3rd time in 5 months that i've played pong in china. how sad, now its getting cold to. some of those old guys have some chops! they grew up playing pong though, im sure if i grew up playing pong i would have chops too. now all i can hope for is to have chops by the time im their age and have some young punk come to the park stammering bad broken chinese at me wanting to play ping pong in his crappy western style.

the way they do gardening in china is interesting. around lots of the trees they build a dirt wall. i guess so when they water it the water stays within that wall? dont know.

intersting flora in china.

these are parsimon type things. im amazed that there weren't gangs of people shaking the trees trying to get them down, which i've seen everywhere else.

i just cannot get over why people play badmitton without a net. what fun is that? its like throwing a ball back and forth, only throwing a ball back and forth is just one aspect of baseball or football or something. i don't know. i like badmitton, but i like to play with net so you can't just slam it on the other person every single time because there is no net. also eveyrone i've seen on the street is so so bad that it burns my eyese and throat. i know ive said this before but it still hurts.

yang yang said these say someone ones name and that they were here. eveyone wants to leave their mark on the world. sometimes you don't have a nice fat tree trunk, you have a skinny bamboo stalk so you work with what you got. i find this a little more charming and artful

at the top pavillion of jingshan park you can see all of the forbbiden city and beihai park. I have to come back on a clear sunny day. its looks awesome. Bob we really missed out and shoulda come here when you were here!

this Viasdfeefefe something or other buddah was awesome. its the first one in china i've seen wearing this cape thing, although yang yang said something about its cold now and they dont want him to get cold so maybe they are wrapping up other buddah about town? its awesome how there is another little buddah sitting in front of him with a little cape on too.

some of the leaves are turning. the white pagoda at beihai in the background

the dirt wall and water around a cool tree. one of the random trees we looked at had a tag saying it was 300 yrs old, im sure there are lots that are older in that park.

in front of this kung fu school im gonna check out on friday. what fabulous color huh? hey? eh? ya?

we stopped by this market to buy gloves and i saw this hat and wanted it. its the yellow "safety" hats that elementary school students wear to school. yang yang said do not buy that! everyone will know that you are a foreign a-hole! i didnt buy it..........yet............


Jung Eun said...

buy the hat! ㅋㅋ nice color

about the fruits..maybe they are inedible..?