Illustrations I have done while in China

This was for Timeout Beijing Chinese edition. the english and chinese editions are 2 separate offices and have totally different content. it was great working with the editor and art director that didn't speak any english. nice guys. the art director added some snow, shadows, and other modifications after i submitted the final artwork but i think its ok because it looks ok. I was going to do the cover as well but what frequently happens is that illustration gets canned and they are forced to use another crap photo by their marketing team.

I made this motorola advertising sample for my portfolio. actually i was inspired by this wish tree that i saw in shanghai. you write your wishes on these cards and hang them on the tree. I also have been inspired by what i've seen in beijing so i wanted to combine them somehow. I subbed the phone in for one of the wish cards for my personal work. this took quite some time. all of those ornaments are on their own separate layer.

I finally got to do runner's world. Just a spot though. it is for an article about beating the post race blues. It's in the October issue

another mock ad for the Motorola ROKR phone. Originally this setup was supposed to be for the cover of the City Weekend Beijing cover (the one lily works for) but again it was another case of a marketing team wanting to use a photo, this time of Avril Levine because she came to beijing to play! so i said i alreayd did all the photo reference research and layout, why not use it for something else. the face is loosely modeled after me.
I got a great assignment doing 3 illustrations for boys life magazine (the magazine of the boyscouts) this summer (i did this before the olympics). They are way ahead of schedule because this is finally coming out this month. it was a fiction story about a boy's 3 wishes. it is a moral tale of laziness and taking shortcuts resulting in a hard learned lesson.


Jung Eun said...

really like motorola advertising sample..the wish tree !

Micaela Zahner said...

Yay Time Out! It's my favorite magazine - good job.