798 November

went to 798 again to see some new stuff. awesome stuff.

This guy Li Chen does amazing scultures! there were smaller ones and there were these huge massive one.

this is not a good photo, it is hanging from the ceiling and this huge polished fat black figure is riding on a little cloud.

these animal ones are inspirational too.

one of the lobbies of the art center that has a Dior show. my FIT fashion design buddies would proabbly love this. the installation was pretty cool. and if you're a dior or fashion fan i guess it would be awesome.

there are lots of galleries so there are lots of events and openings all the time.

not art just a crate by the loading dock but great colors.

these are made by Phunk Studios, a Singapore design group or collective or something like that. i dig it. these are silkscreen on canvas.

this one was huge
love the style and color scheme.