Vicky Liu Music Video Shoot

My buddy ryan is doing the cd packaging and other various design for this new singer Vicky Liu (he designed and retouched these studio shots below). he invited me to come see the music video shoot a couple months ago. I guess I can post this up now since this music video is on TV here now. Obviously as you can see she is hot so i was happy! there were dancers on the sidelines flopping around. there was lots of redbull, i think they are affiliated with this production company or something. there was also a bottle of vodka for her. I found it slightly amusing that she had to drink redbull to stay up and drink vodka to loosen up for the hours and hours of dancing she had to do. that's show biz. I met the girl and she was nice. somehow there was talk of me being her english teacher but i'm sure there won't be time for that for a long time if it ever does happen since she just debuted and they are promoting her and stuff. a very interesting experience!

they choreographer would always yell the word dancers in an english chinese accent and i thought it was funny. they had these masks on the whole time so i didnt see what they really looked like.

after we went to this japanese bar and i drew on the daruma thing.