More life on the northwest side

went to the supermarket near my house. it is an experience and at times frustrating. they have a weird assortment of spices. no black pepper, no salt. no garlic powder, no oregano, they had cumin of all things. no maple syrup. no japanese bread crumbs, no sake, no mirin. the ketchup tastes weird. pretty much a differnet experience than the US which is what i was looking for. but sometimes you just want some g-darn pancakes!

they have this huge area of prepared food stations. this is the sweets station. i could come down here everyday for a year and never try all the delicious food.

the meat section is just in your face meat. i know some of you like "in your face meat" but there were just piles of raw meat sitting on blocks of ice that you just grab by yourself that has been sitting out all day probably


everyone is carry around these onion like veggies now. i guess they are in season. this pic does not do this huge pile of leeks justice. it was pretty big

at first glance it looks like "what kind of dumb a$$ would tie his tri scooter to his window on the third floor"? then i looked closer and it looked like it was an electrical wire that was charging the battery. this looks like something my uncle Derek would do.

lake houhai is now 10 min walk from my house.

went to a japanese style ramen restaurant with sophie. i am again amazed at the japanese aristry and quality of making food. there were so many steps this guy took to make these, and it's just ramen!

the chinese are masters of stacking. this is the most extreme man powered case i have seen as of yet. look at this guy!

there is a new burger place called lets burger in sanlitun. its pretty ok. the best part is they have a 12 sauce sauce bar!

this desert place on gulou dong da jie is good. and the interior as a color scheme that looks like one of my illustrations
i bought this at the supermarket. look at how cute this little ketchup dispensin' mo fo is! its chinese ketchup though so it was really sweet.