Vicky Liu Event

My buddy ryan called me to go to this press type event for that singer that I went to the music video shoot for, Vicky Liu.

outside the gates of Chengtian entertainment

directly across the street

inside the "compound" or watever you want to call it.

bam! there he is the man that designed all the stuff for this singer, Ryan Ho

it started out with her doing some alluring silhouette dancing

and then bam! there she is with like 6 dancers, this time with no masks on like at the photoshoot. i was wondering what they looked like under there and of course they have to look good and they did.

obligatory bubbles like in all asian shows.

ballad time. no dancing allowed

there are some fresh youth in china.

Ryan's girlfriend's family's gallery is in 798. its across the street from the Nike gallery or watever it is. this is where you could insert your quips about 798 selling out and going commercial. especially when there is a two story Lebron James statue outside of their light up nike sign.

this is the best tiger hat i have seen in china. I saw it months ago and didn't buy it because it was too expensive ($70 us dollars) but now i have an excuse to buy it because I am using it as reference in this huge illustration I am doing for Tiger Beer's Tiger Translate artist thingy. I don't know if i wrote this before but i love this kind of chinese representation of a tiger. its so different from the western interpretation. parents put these on their kids to protect them from evil spirits and other bad things, also you guessed it it brings good luck and fortune and all that other crap too. it is for children so it most definitely does not fit on my ogre head, cry. my next goal is to find a tiger hat that will fit me. i just remembered i need to go buy that elementary school student hat that my friend told me not to buy. winter is kickin' here!