Tianjin Day 2 and 3

oh yea the train to Tianjin takes 29 minutes and the ticket is 58 rmb which is $8.50. i guess it takes over an hour on a regular train. i guess i dont really see the need since its only an hour on a regular train to have this massive project that costs millions to cut the time down to half an hour.

the first night the economic forum people put everyone up in this hotel on campus at Nankai University. I went out exploring and looking for a wireless signal for my laptop which was hard to find

being in that cafeteria made me miss being a student again and the massive amounts of unlimited food at SUNY Albany. here its not unlimited but so cheap it may as well be. that tray down there cost me $1.75. there were 3 floors of really long rows of chinese food that all looked like yummy comfort type food that most westerners would even dig into if they are squirmish about chinese food.

and the students there all looked super young. some of the girls looked like they were 12. I mean at FIT i was started to be alarmed at how young the girls looked but here was pretty bad.

by the dorms. amazing that you can leave your laundry out to dry and no one will vomit on it or sheit on it or any other kinds of pranks that i would do when i was in college.

i thought this was the tallest building in tianjin but i was wrong later i saw the olympic tower and it was taller. oh yea i think the olympic soccer games were held in tianjin which would explain why they spent tons of money making that bullet train to come here.

the new hotel we stayed at was this international hotel an hour away from tianjin! its in an area called tangu. its a special economic zone, tariff free zone. all there is there are hotels. it sucks.

they had a bowling alley which i used a couple times. they have about 6 people working there to attend to your needs. only thing is yoon was working his economic forum thing all day and late so i was just wandering around by myself. everywhere i went there would be employees just staring at me and waiting to do something. I don't like being the only single person in a bowling alley with them standing behind me watching. anyway i made friends with them later

finally the second time i played ping pong in china

they even had shoes for you to wear

and finally i get to play ping pong in the place where my ping pong bat was supposedly made, Tianjin. yes i brought my ping pong paddle because me and yoon always play each other. i lost 2 games to 3


Anonymous said...

Yeay! Jason didn't get locked up in some Chinese jail and is still alive. My life is dull without being able to live vicariously thru Jason. When are you coming back to do more bloggie thingies man, Richard needs more life!

Jason Raish said...

Richard! glad you're still reading. i'm back now. the crappy situation with whoever is responsible for regulating the internet access, (im not going to say who because then my blog might get blocked), is finally over and now i have internet at my new apartment. there will be plenty more jason action soon.