Life on the Northwest side

So now i live in the north west section of beijing. an older area that is cooler than the modern new beijing i lived in before.

this is from karaoke. it looks like im on the floor but im actually standing on the back of a couch. a fun time for all.

this was outside the east shore jazz cafe. i guess it is kind of rude to play card games when people are playing a set.
Angels boyfriend was visiting from england and knew a couple of the guys there and was going to go play afterhours but it was over.

this chain restaurant is called "kung fu" bruce lee is their logo. their food is ok i guess

my new bathroom is one room with the shower right there next to the sink and toilet, common in beijing and probably china. there are a bunch of water control levers in there and if you dont get the right combination you could end up showering your head when you go to brush your teeth. its also cold as balls in there in the wintertime. well i guess i did not come to china to enjoy nice showers and be a little baby about things.

im assuming that these bad boys are coal, a big problem for beijing's polution. below are the guys that go around and sell it. i wonder how long one of these bricks lasts?

i thought this was gonna be another flavourless cornmeal type baozi thing but i was delighted to find there was some kind of stuff inside.

canal near my house

i live a 30 min walk from nanlouguxiang now, one of the cooler streets in the drumtower area. 10 min by bike.

this new store called navel opened up on nanlouguxiang called Navel. the walls have all this cool cartoony art on them and the shirts they sell are way cool too. i will have to buy a couple when i get some money.

am i turning into a gay grandma or what? i bought this cute little octo guy on nanlouguxiang at their street market day.


Jung Eun said...

Navel's kinda cute

the coal thing is called Yeon Tan in korean.
commenly used in 80s in korea