A South Brooklyn Adventure

foo's birthday at Dirty French

2 Korean dudes named Bob.  Freaky
new place on Delancy, Goa Taco, this ish is super good! gourmet Indian-ish taco things.
finally went to Defonte's Sanwich shop when it was open and their sandwiches are huge.  It's about $12 for a half but it's definitely enough for two meals 
meatball sub

A day at Fort Tilden beach which is technically Queens, not Brooklyn.  It did'nt look like this last time I was here.  Now there's all these food kitchens from various places in brooklyn and bars.

part of fort tilden?

next onto Coney Island

Coney Island is famous for it's boardwalk, the cyclone roller coaster, and Nathan's hot dogs

The Coney Island Cyclone is a wooden roller coaster that opened in 1927.  as of 2015 it costs $9 to ride

a lot of the thrill/terror of it come from the fact that it's made from wood and you can see planks missing and it's old and rickity and you never know if today is gonna be the day.

it's right there on the corner of west 10th st and Dewey Albert place, a roller coaster right on the streets of new york

next stop is the Wonder Wheel ferris wheel which is also iconic.

Chris grew up around here and always wondered if that was someone's apartment.
next stop Nathan's hot dogs
beach hair
and it's not over yet, next stop is Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst, its a brooklyn gem you've never heard of and I hadn't either. What's better the pizza or the spumoni? The debate rages on. His place does BUSINESS. It's THE neighborhood place. Close to Coney Island worth the visit.
This is half a "tray" and Chris says it's the best "square" in town.  It's Sicilian style.  The dough is almost like bread and there's two kinds of cheese on it and its delicious.
the spumoni was the bomb too.  pistachio, chocolate, and vanilla is what makes up what they call spumoni in America
some store on court street back in our hood.  I have been thinking of making some kind of faux head mount of some stylized animal.  These are pretty cool.  


bob feeling as beautiful as a butterfly.  for multiple evenings this guy landed on all of us and hung out

Korean inspired wrap.  Slap spicy gochujang on lots of stuff to make up for your un creativeness

a still from Teenage Mutant Ninja Pizza, and un-purchased screen play about a gigantic garbage bag full of pizza dough and sauce that oozes it's way down into the sewers of NYC and is raised by a giant rat martial arts master to become Teenage mutant ninja pizza

have been spending lots of days at cafes with Bob, this one is 61 Local

fish and samon options at the Jewish food emporium Shelsky's of Brooklyn

Dom at Strong Place 

giant jenga got the best of bob

At the Jalopy Theatre.  I want to see someone play this 2 stringed bass like thing someday.   
I was the funniest man in the world for 3 minutes.  The story is my finest and involves SUNY Albany, a can of pringles, feces, the bomb squad, and more

the show wasn't so good this night so at least they got one good laugh in

Ferdinando's Focacceria which was in Scorsese's The Departed.  Arancini stuffed rice ball, Panelle ricotta sandwich, and Vastedda in the back made with spleen and ricotta 

some red hook street fair summer event

I thoroughly enjoyed the number of people including kids that would come and call bob (just bob) a dumb@ss.  Even chess brings out macho posturing and ridicule.

vintage tram car behind Fairway Redhook

bob's photo of nagaimo at hong kong supermarket in Chinatown

bob's photo of weird drinks

You can almost hear what is coming out of his filthy gob.  Prospect Hall in South Slope opened a beer garden last week and it looks really cool inside. 

Bob's photo of the DUMBO archway

frisbee in brooklyn bridge park

one day this will all be yours BOB