Rooftop BBQ at my place in Harlem

another part of my farewell tour. This one got really crazy. the burgers were a disaster. I bought cheap pre-made burgers at the store and they turned into this mystery meat goop. A ton of alcohol was consumed, people kept coming til 2 am, and my apartment was trashed. Anyway a good time was had by all. I was crying the next morning when i had to throw away a ton of cheese, sausage, etc.. that had been sitting out all night, then i took some advil and went back to sleep.

Last day of work

this was part of my farewell tour that started a few weeks ago. this was after the last day of work, a good ol' Karaoke Jam session. All of these peeps used to or still do work at FIT. Things got a little crazy as more alchohol was consumed

Dodgeball Blowout

Karol hurt her toe pretty bad trying to kick david joseph. she was playing by Chilean rules.

i guess the camera didn't capture the last frame of this sequence because it was so swift and explosive coming from my golden arms. the kid lived.

picking teams

darkin getting slapped by a girl, an normal day for him.

at the start of my farewell tour a few weeks ago I organized our annual dodge ball game and bbq. about 10 minutes in appeared on little Mexican kid. I got him to join us then 5 minutes later there were 5 more Mexican kids, then 10 minutes later there were like 12 Mexican kids in the trenches with us. a good time was had by all and now i don't have to do anything good for the rest of the year because I've accumulated so many good Samaritan points that day by playing with those little Mexican kids and restraining myself and only whacking really hard only a couple times.

So Country that........

I live next door to a sheep farm. My parents house in upstate NY, where i grew up happens to be next to a sheep farm. I've gotten many jokes about me having sexual relations with these sheep thanks to the stories of Swedes and their animal lovin' relationships in the news. I'm not even attracted to sheep......well....not too much.....

Here is me being so pleased to be here with the sheep.

My Lawn

A lot of my buddies don't believe how big my lawn is. I don't know how many acres it is but it takes 3 hours to mow. That pretty much kills your saturday. I do not miss the thrill of burning in the summer sun, the smell of gasoline and motor oil, and the itchy itchy grass clippings, and the not being able to hang out with your friends because you have to mow the g-damn lawn! This is a lot of my yard but not all of it. Click to enlarge the Panorama of the part of our yard that is as big as a football field, can you find all 5 Jasons?

Meat Lover's Skillet, a Raish Bro's Tradition

The Raish Brothers have a tradition, and that is making the infamous "Meat-Lovers Skillet". That was until Bob became a vegetarian after he went to college. It broke my heart. No more meat for Bob? It felt as if we were Sikh and he had cut off his hair after 20 years (you're not ever supposed to do that in the Sikh religion). For the last 6 years there has been no Meat-Lover's Skillet.......until now! Since Bob is eating meat in preparation for his trip to China and putting he moral dilemmas aside we have once again created this holy grail of Cholesterol and Fat. Just look at this thing, it's a week's worth of meat in one sitting. We stole this idea from the Denny's chain restaurant (home to late-night scum everywhere) but made it better.

and now I feel gross.

Meat Lover's Skillet Ingredients:

1. bed of potatoes, peppers, and onions
2. corned beef hash
3. bacon
4. breakfast sausage
5. canadian bacon
6. spam
7. shredded cheddar cheese
8. eggs over easy
9. tobasco sauce
10. grease
11. grease
12. grease

The Final Viva La Everything Party Ever

Me and my old roomates used to throw a party every semester when we were in school. We called these the "Viva La Everything" parties. We had the final party ever a few weeks ago because i'm moving to asia for a while. It was also a going away party for me. Here are a few photos but definitely not a complete representation of this crazy party.