Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery was just a large swath of green on the map that's down the ave from our house until this day when we actually checked it out.  Founded in 1838 and now a National Historic Landmark.  In the 1860s it was the second most visited attraction in the USA after Niagra Falls.  478 acres of hills and grass and flowering trees and stuff.  Buried here are such famous peeps like Jean Michel Basquiat, Boss Tweed, Leonard Bernstein, Charles Ebbet and more.  Actually a pretty great place for a walk, especially in flowering tree season.  We missed the cherry blossoms but the dogwoods, and magnolias and late super pink cherry blossoms were out.

looks like this should be in the 100 acre woods.

Jean Michel Basquiat's grave is hard to find and is abutted up against another persons grave

stained glass repair inside this crypt or whatever they're called.

William Holbrook Beard, painter of bull and bears stock market imagery.

these are cherry trees, was probably a spectacular canopy of white when they were in bloom.

the highest point in brooklyn, battle hill, a big revolutionary war battle took place here.  I think the americans lost this one.

from a distance Jen thought this was a hawaiian statue (King Kamehameha) 

may 5th is children's day in japan and they fly this carp streamers

the two other T's weren't around so Jen helps bottle 10 gallons of beer.  What a champ.

from the Bartlett's rooftop on Berkeley place and 7th ave.