Ciudad de Mexico - Part Two

Everyone had hangovers.  The view of La Condesa from the balcony, an upper scale hood

after nursing hangovers for a long while we went to the corner for a whole lotta tacos and more.  And so cheap

some of the dudes went to Plaza Garibaldi, a plaza filled with mariachi bands who will play songs for you.
later I went down to another corner to get these tacos al pastor which was invented in Mexico city.  I forgot the pineapple.
In January there were riots because the gov't ended gas subsidies and the prices jumped 20 percent.
the streets of La Condesa

back to Garibaldi Plaza at night, many Mexican peeps told us be careful.  Mexicans are friendly and just trying to live man.  No one shouted Chino at me once on the whole trip throughout all the neighborhoods I walked through!  I wasn't expecting it to be as bad as Cuba but I was expecting some. 

Alambre, this was dissapointing, basically peppers, ham, onions, chicken.  I imagine they do this dish awesomely elsewhere because everything else I ate in Mexico City was awesome.

not everything I drank was awesome though, Pulque is made from the maguey plant, kind of like yucca and was slimy and not my fav thing to drink.  It's seeing a revitalized popularity and there are pulquerias all over the city now.

Guadalajara De Noche, a Mariachi spot, pretty cool.

they didn't actually fight.

Columbian tourist family dancing salsa

San Luis Club with a hot salsa dancing dance floor

dude photo-bombing in the back was an amazing salsa dancer.  Went home at 6:30am