After Debbie and Salih

after debbie and salih left. 6 days before i went to japan.

i have always seen this little guy and wanted it so debbie bought it for me

the bird cage i got in shanghai. have to hang it lower

the don't sell this in china as far as i can tell. its like carbon transfer paper, i need it to transfer my drawings onto thick paper for painting backgrounds on.

i was sheiting myself when i saw this guy in the window but he was inbtwn the panes so i didnt get the ebola virus

i studied japanese via pimsleur mp3 audio lessons on my ipod 4 hrs a day for 6 days before japan by the side of the lake by my house. lovely weather everyday.

look at this guys awesome umbrella hat

i would buy a couple of bottles of water a day from this place next to the lake. its someones house. but they sell drinks. and they have chickens in the middle of a huge city.

it was the dragon boat festival day. there is some story about a chinese poet who worked for the emperor but then the regime was so bad and he couldnt live with the fact that he participated in it so he killed himself by jumping in a lake. the people all loved him so much so they threw these rice things wrapped in bamboo in the water so the fish would eat them instead of his body. so thats why you eat them on dragonboat festival day. also they have these crazy long boats with dragons heads on the front that are manned by a bunch of people and they have races. but that is more in the south.

at the grocery store by my house, far from the expat area where anyone would speak english

i went to the central academy of art to get some prints to give to some friends in japan. it was graduation time so that means senior shows. this wasnt here last time

my friend sasha goes to this school and she is graduating from something like graphic design. this is part of her installation. that is on the wall and then bam! there she is in person in striped pants.