Japan trip June 2009 - Tokyo day 4

Broadway Dance Center is it the same as the one in ny?

supreme skateboard shop in Harajuku

starbucks in harajuku looks like THE spot to kick it

Met my friend Suga for dinner.  we walked by what she said was Akira Kurasawa's restaurant.  he is dead so i don't know what that means.  he one of the most famous japanese directors.  Ran, 7 samurai, rashoman, yojimbo are a few of his famous movies.

we ate at a Miyazaki restaurant.  Miyazaki is a region in Japan besides being the last name of anime godfather Hayao Miyazaki.  the food was of course delish.  organic ingredients at this place she said.  they looked super fresh and eveyrthing was made with care.

this chicken had a kind of egg salad like sauce on it.  yummuels.

amazing corn on the cob slice tempura.

Suga,  i met her in Korea 8 yrs ago.  she was in the level 4 advanced class though. 

i had dinner twice.  again with Yuri, who is now Yuri Uuchimura and not Ito.  she got married!  anyway if you know yuri this picture represents her pretty well.

we ate at an okinawan restaurant near her house.  Okinawa is the largest of the tiny islands, it is way south so it has a subtropical climate and is where the US miliary base is.  Okinawan people have the longest lifespan in the world i think i read somewhere.  the food of course was delish

banners with painted kids art, awesome.  i forgot to rotate this pic

after that i met Hiroko for a drink at the place down the street from her.  they give you this friend tofu thing when you drink there.  an awesome touch.

the recycling area.  they really recycle here.  they have a burnables day, a bottles day, a regular garbage day, and probably some other kind of day.  and people really do it!  way to be a somewhat more self preserving island nation japan!

this was gross.  it tastes like a whiskey on the rocks that has melted and has been sitting there for 2 hrs.

the garbage and recyclable schedule

crazy light at my friends place.  i dont know how its possible that this flourecent light has 4 cycles.  it blew my mind everynight for 7 nights!  probably super expensive.

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