Athletics Finals in the Bird's Nest

My aunt scored tickets to the athletics finals months ago via the via the ticket lottery system in Beijing. This is by far the coolest thing i've gone to. I can't imagine any cooler place to go than inside the birds nest. it's massive. all the events were cool. i was hot. and sweaty.

we waited online for a while to get through security. i saw a bunch of interesting characters.

this guys girlfriend was glistening and had a killer mustache.

ninja turtles and a chinese headband. this guy is cool in my book.

....then i laid my eyes on this baby hippo. hahahaha

they even had all these little lights inspired by the birds nest stadium that was inspired by a birds nest.

i was amazed at our seats. were were like 5 rows back from the front. right up where the high jump would be happening all night long. all the high jumpers were super tall with super long legs. they have to wear things that are basically swimsuits. a lot of them were very easy on the eyes. it was a good night

the US women won the 4x400 relay. the last runner put on the afterburners to beat out russia.

the men also won their 4x400 relay but theirs was more of a blowout.

there was a lot of standing all night for medal ceremonies and the national anthems being played.

men's javelin was also cool. an olympic record was broken by the norweigan that won. the javelins would come pretty close to the high jump area so it had to freak them out a little bit, because it was freaking me out a little bit.

fireworks all over this side of the street. probably for the closing ceremonies tommorow night.