these guys were tickled pink. they were tickled pink that they had a big horse statue in a truck and they were tickled pink that i was taking a picture of them. i wanted to punch their faces off. but how could you wen they were so g-damn happy with that horse?

at the olympic ticket office there were tons of chinese people in these shirts. they were doing nothing. they looked like they were mobilizing to do something but they were not. come on. you don't even have to guess. they general theme here is that there are tons of people standing/sitting/farting around and they dont do anything. the only difference is here they are somewhat matching.

these security xray machines are everywhere now. its a little harder to dumb your past them too now. they probably don't do anything unless you have a samurai sword sticking straight out of your purse. it was rush hour, totally packed and i saw one poor chinese guy squinting in front of the xray monitor trying to read the contents of 6o bags per minute being jammed throught the thing buy tons of rush hour chinese people. where are the 10 extra guys standing around to help this guy? i feel safe.

thank you olympic helper ladies that are every 5 feet, thank you.

this was an illegal picture. it was crazy in there. the day before the olympics starts and mcdonalds was packed. the manager said no pictures and i said i dont understand wat you're saying but he said no pictures in english pretty well so i had no excuse this time. he whisked away and then i took this picture and he saw me so i didnt take anymore. i thought i got a good one anyway but now i see that it is blurry. and i am angry that i didnt realize this before so i could have defied his authority some more.

book store on wanfujing. it looks like you really are supposed to sit perched high up on these things. look at little mc'weiner here forced to read by his dad.

on the subway. said something like break glass to take hammer to break window glass. am i supposed to jam my kung fun fingers in there to start with? the box was tiny, like you would need a little hammer to break the glass tiny.

this is sophie. she is agnes's friend. agnes is the friend of yaeko who was my neighbor in harlem on 136th street. facebook actually helps sometimes. sophie moved to beijing and i met her for the first time this day. this drink with "dry ice" action probably killed her a little bit.

i told sophie to ask the old lady what the red dot on the bunny's head was. she said the old woman said i just put it there....implying for no reason at all. then about 30 seconds later she said don't take pictures of my bunny! after she had seen me taking pics of it already. too bad old woman! you should have told me sooner you stupid old lady! ha! i got you! i got your bunny!

the bathroom at reggae bar. freud and don't sh!t

this guy was playing the accordian. a chinese old guy. how cool is that?

g-damn this camera! these guys were awesome. they didnt know each other at all and they both had huge luscious bellies glistening in the summer lamp light.

this is the basement of the taiwanese guys restaurant. it was somekind of tunnel from the temple or something cool like that.
we saw him on the street drinking with his buddies, one of which was a Tibetan guy who spoke english really well and was a tour guide and took people up the himalayas. I asked him if he had ever seen a yeti, he said no. his buddies never did either. he believes there were yeti's like 1000 yrs ago. so there you have it. no yetis

drum tower

we went to this cheese club for one drink and there were random girls dancing up on the dance stage that were employed by the club to dance wether there were other people dancing up there or not. they of course looked funny

the view from this rooftop bar was pretty good and very intersting even on a wednesday night.

this guy is digging for gold

camera on the street lamp

this thing is like a flying piggy bank. it zoomed by a couple times. all those bottles could be a 1 yuan refund!

guy stopping to puke

drum tower by late night. who knew that 1 or 2 days later the mens vollyball coaches parents and tour guide would be stabbed by a crazy chinese guy who would jump off the drum tower killing himself here? not i.