China Life

we went to this lounge/club and it happened to be high heels night. Yes! then it turns out there was also this beauty peagent/show/fashion thing with something like 12 lovely ladies. it was funny to see them strut their stuff because they were'nt pros or anything so a lot of them were doing really weird stuff that they thought was sexy and one was doing this weird thing that looked like she was bruce lee in that movie where he fights chuck noris and he streches out is back by rolling his shoulder blades from front to back.

they also did a song number. they were all lipsyncing so obviously. after a while we couldnt take anymore so we moved on. they looked good but you can only take so much cheese.

one of the kids that goes around selling roses to drunk rich foreigners. i saw a bunch of guys tossing one of these kids up in the air last week.

is that wat i think it is? street art?!!!! only the 2nd time i've seen any and it was down low behind this tree.

sometimes at night i can hear what people have told me is silver nitrate being shot into the air with artillery canons. It has something to do with it making clouds or its dry ice or its something and making it rain before the olympics opening ceremony instead of on that day which it is supposed to. i saw this on the news last year and the guy in charge said we're trying our best, we don't really know what we're doing though. yesterday early morning it was very clear but there was this weird ring of clouds around beijing. so weird, like they have been playing god and somehow made this ring of clouds. kind of unsettling.

i went with this girl i met at the american chamber of commerce thing to 798 the art gallery district. she has a friend that works at the swiss embassy. aparently the swiss have a "swiss house" gallery. inside there are stations showing the best of switzerland. there was a ski lift station, a lindt chocolate station, a UBS bank station. it was pretty lame unless i missed something. What would be in the american one if they were to open an All American gallery?

this was the most interesting thing in the whole place and it was in no way part of any exhibit.

this girl had on a cool shirt made out of different kinds of crazy patterned fabric.

i missed it but there were lots of people photographing this baby. they let anyone buy large cameras and walk around like a dork these days.

she is telling us that choco time is over. why is she smiling. that is not funny.

brittish embassy left, dont know middle, swiss embassy right.

more of me stealing portraits

my sense of humor is not working out that well in china. i told the girls that i hear "NO" all the time... and nothing

cool hybrid plaid shorts

this place makes the best baozi (buns) i've had in beijing so far.

my uncle and cousin are here for the olympics.

i am tickled pink that i finally found another one of these chinese tigers. this one is awesome. look at those lips! That reminds me of a story about the last one i bought. me and bob had all the stuff we bought laid out on the table. the housekeeper saw this and was looking at the stuff. i said i love the tiger thing (at that time we didnt know it was a traditional kids toy).
we wanted antiques and souvenirs. we asked where we can but more of this kind of stuff. she laughed. we didn't know why. we don't speak chinese. she told us where to buy it. we planned our next day. we went. it turned out to be a huge chinese toystore. it was very far from home. bob was super pissed. i laughed a lot. sorry bob. haha