Shots of Beijing

i have seen a bunch of people with horses, yes here in beijing. wat the H

this thing had a bunch of breaded and friend quail eggs.

more thin chips that are unsatisfying. you know how lays or wise chips are thin? these are all even thinner. and at least those american chips are greasy, these arent that greasy so they aren't really satisfying.

someone here owns a brown Newfoundland! i wanted to jump the fence and roll around in the grass with this guy. i want to do that even when there isnt a super cute newf in the yard. i love rolling around in grass
. looking at how mother loving cute that guys is!

there are over 30 people in this english class at this school called Wall street english. poor guys.

there are some things that are starting to wear me down. like trying to find a place to print my business cards and post cards. what is wrong with china when it comes to printing? the best i could come up with was laser printed business cards on a xerox machine that cost me $85 for 200 business cards! and i still can't find a place that can do post cards. i need full color offset china! at an affordable price! i am ripping my hair out. i got into a big argument for 30 min with the guy at this place about why these cards were so g-damn expensive. he spoke english well enough to be able to explain it to me but all he kept sayin is i dont know, i am sorry. It's times like this that i miss the Graphics Lab. if any of you graphics lab folks are reading this , this one is for you!

this guy had an awesome plaid seat cover.

this guy was selling crickets. the other week i saw the biggest crickets i have ever seen in my life at some store. they are fighting crickets. they used to be highly revered in the old days, like the emperor would have a team that went around and you had to show them your best crickets or else.

some things make no sense here. like why do you need 4 screens showing the exact same thing stretching for god knows how far in the subway? just so you can say you did it and show that china has a lot of money?

this pic doesnt do this justice. there are no doors btwn the cars its like one long tube. like you could have some major motion picture backdraft type action in this train.

it would be funny if WuMart was a rip off of walmart but its not

i always love this sign because of the smilyface inside of the character for "foot"

the olympics has created jobs for tons of people including these girls at every station that have nothing to do. they are supposed to be security and inspection bags and stuff. but you can just play dumb. go get your ticket out of the machine and kind of glassy eyed just wonder over to the turnstile and go on your way. a lot of times it is only cute girls that do this job.

ghost street at night

beer i've never heard off. after seen the toilet below i would definitly not order draft beer from this place.


it was actually pretty clear on this day.