Olympics! Badmitton! Chinese people yelling Jia You!!

at a super market. how pointless is this? an escalator, going DOWN an incline

annie's boyfriend couldnt get a visa in time to come to beijing for this badmitton match so that meant jason gets to go!

another stolen shot. this time its olympic

3 games going on at the same time. all women's games except for this one men's game that happend for some reason.

china won all of the matches they played. this even went from 6:30 to 10. 3.5 hrs of badmitton and a lot of singles and doubles matches btwn various countries. Dave hooper was my gym class partner in highschool and we won the gym class badmitton doubles competition much to the dismay of the jocks. this means i have some appreciation for badmitton.

next come the sweepers

this chinese girl won and destroyed the other girl. i dont know if she is number 2 or something because this next girl was a monster and got monster cheers from the chinese.

this girl is number one i think. her boyfriend is also the number one badmitton mens player. maybe the govt said you and you will "date" and smile and breed for us, or else! she got huge cheers. she is super tall and was grossly overskilled.

these girls also won for china. there were two teams of doubles players and the other chinse team was playing on the far court at the same time so the stadium was full of chinese cheering "Jia You!!!!!" Jia you! jia you! and shouting "SA!" everytime one of the chinese players was about to slam

the random men's match. just like tennis they are physically stronger and able to slam a lot harder.