Long Days

cctv tower again. on a clear day

sophie is all sick since she moved to bejing so she told the chinese pharmacy guy her symptoms and he gave her this power to drink. she calls that going to the doctor.

we sumbled onto this cool bar in one of the hutongs around the drum tower.

the first ring lock i've seen on a bike here. in japan almost everyone has one and i think they are genius but this is the first i've seen here. and i haven't seen anyone with an umbrella holder on their handlesbars.

8 second exposure when a car drove by.

drum tower by night

this waitress had a very intresting face because it looked so intense all the time no matter if she was just standing or doing something worthy of an intense face like carrying a bowl of this horrid smelling stuff below......

angel took me to eat traditional beijing food. this liquid bean stuff, which is probably fermented bean something smelled like one of the public rest rooms. it was super horrible smelling. and then i tried it. it does not taste good. That wasabi pickled cabbage thing is the bomb though (the yellow thing)

one night we were drunk and ordered 40 chicken nuggets. oops i mean mcnuggets. it was gross after i ate 10. i feel shameful now as i write this.

my brit friend alex's apartment. it's pretty good.