During Olympics

china doll again. i have to stop going to this place.

it was thursday night and there were 2 guys doing stuff on their laptops making visual designs on the wall. some of it was cool old movie footage remixed.

so foreign girls gettin crazy. i'm guessing they were american.

this building with no windows contains two pagodas of bars/clubs. you just keep going up and checking out each place for 4 floors.

at first i was alarmed then i looked around and came to the conclusion that this was some kind of chinese berry juice from the nearby tree.

this windy corridor went on forever. it was like a real life mouse run

a concrete ping pong table

lots of cats on this rooftop. yuk

they put tons of lights and led lights on the highways

they designated the left hand lane on the highway as the olympic lane. only officials and olympic related people are allowed to drive on it or else.

this driver had fuwas (beijing olympic mascots) upholstery covers.

and a little mao thing hanging from the mirror

My aunt got these tickets to go onto the olympic green because you can't go there unless you have a ticket to a game but they also have these green tickets just so you can walk around the area. it's supposed to be cool. everything isn't connected so we ended up not being able to see a lot of cool stuff.

cute little girl displaying the Olympic spirit (that so few people have)

looked like they were doing some kind of color calibration thing on these monitors.

look! the olympic flame!

the water cube.

the olympic technology center. there are probably 5,000 richard gaurers and wayne chins inside this thing.

this is the media building. this is where the media sets up shop.

theres a person inside there and i bet its balls hot

my cousin made it to the top. this is in ri tan park

the special olympic line.

tons of people in the rain waiting for the bus. again. lots of people in china.

the first ping pong store i've seen!


Anonymous said...

oh come on Jason... I don't misspell your last name... it is grauer not gaurer or whatever you mangled it like

Jason Raish said...

Graure! you actually still reading this blog!

Jason Raish said...

Graure! you actually still reading this blog!