Women's Beach Volley Ball Finals

Let's start off with the important things first, cheerleaders

it was raining. some people were wearing garbage bags.

these chinese girls won the bronze. the other team of chinese girls would play usa for the gold but lose. but we didn't stay around in the rain long enough to see that.

this is the view from my chinese class window

i drank this while waiting for the cab to come to my house. i was impressed. its like a honey brown lager

i usually have to wait a long time for cabs so i drank this too. little did i know that its 11 percent alchohol and tastes like sheit.

this little bugger came crawling out of a garbage bag. the curb by the street is basically one giant garbage pile anyway. the owner was just standing there watching his dog eat sheit and then wander back into the house after 2o minutes of rolling in shiet and eating sheit.

disgusting little bugger. he probably has cigarette butts, beer caps, fish bones, fish heads, tofu, sunflower seed shells, toothpicks, and other grossness in his belly.

a cool rooftop bar btwn the drum and bell towers

more cool cigarette packaging.